Wearables – What’s the criteria they need to fulfill?


Let’s let that name linger on everyone’s mind for a while.
Isn’t it an apt one for the technology which aims to fulfill two goals; first being worn all the time and secondly to be your interface to your tech world only when you need it and then to meld away. 

That’s the ultimate aim of all the things coming out from the vast number of players big and small in this rapidly crowded space. 

Rapidly crowded is no understatement, with almost everyone from Apple and Samsung (which actually launched one) to pebble, I’m watch and numerous others working on a smart watch which has or will soon release. The fitness tracker space is even more crowded with Nike, jawbone and many others invading that space. 

Almost all of these companies have delivered a Generation One product and some have already delivered or announced a second generation one too. 

Despite all this there is not one I would recommend to a normal person in India. One part of this is due to the brutal beating the rupee has taken which make this much more expensive to us Indians compared to the pinch the American brethren feel while picking on of these up but that’s a divergent point for another time. The other one is that none of these address all my key areas which are important to me. Maybe I’m looking for a Fantasy watch or maybe someone is already building one. But if they aren’t here is what I look for in my wearable in order of importance. 

1)Battery Life : Okay there is no way I can emphasize this enough. If you want a chance in hell to live on my wrist day in and day out you bloody well better last for a week at the bare minimum. 
My watch lasts for over six months and your looking to replace that in my life so this one is a bare minimum feel free to prove me wrong multiple times over. Doing this would obviously use low power bluetooth but the tech world comes up with such amazing tech you never know

2)Dust and Water resistant (proof would be better) : I live in a country which is gifted with plentiful rain fall for nearly 5 months every year and which in the other 7 months is a dustbowl at times, not to mention the wrist is an extremely sweaty place due to which the wearable will have to be tested in the most aggressive conditions if it really wants a chance of surviving here and earn a place on my wrist.

3) Sensory overload : I’m a demanding customer and I want you to throw everything and the kitchen sink at me when it comes to sensors you pack in. Give me an accelerometer, a gyroscope, infrared sensors to measure my heart beat and pulse, an altimeter and GPS, plus whatever else you possibly can so that no matter what I do I know my wearable is making a note or observations and will be able to give me some amazing insight into it.

4) Clean UI : I totally appreciate that people are trying to make the wearables that can do an amazing number of things but lets remember people you are trying to replace a device which for most people in the world needs only a twist of the hand to serve its primary purpose it’s a well entrained mental habit and will remain even when people switch to wearables so atleast make it nice to look at,

5) Intuitive controls : expanding on the above point of people being completely muscle trained for a simple watch at this point,  it’s going to be paramount to make sure controls and voice controls are as intuitive,  make it too difficult and remember that unstrapping you is as simple as going back to the humble watch

6) Software and companion apps : Make your desktop, tablet and mobile apps as amazing as possible and ready to capture and make sense of all the incredible amounts of my personal life you will know about.

If a company manages to nail all of these then it’s got my firm vote ( for however little it counts)  as the one to get… And I’m a dramatic fan to will shout it from the roof tops till I’m hoarse.

Think your list of priorities is a little bit different? Sound off in the comments and put me in my place 😉

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Flashing The Galaxy Spica My Bumbling Journey Part 3

This is fresh news for me cause I just read it today having the time and the motivation to go across to the forum today after what seems like ages and guess what I found AUDIO (albeit only the speaker) and multitouch is finally working for the froyo update and it seems huge massive ginormous strides have been taken since the last time I visited… still no reply from the moderator LeshaK for my request for help and have now sent a request to another moderator lets hope he replies…..

Sorry for not updating since a while if I wasn’t so lazy then i might have finished my guide till now…

have exams now so no updates till then but the week after that I should be full steam ahead in bugging people to reply to me and finishing this guide so that it helps absolutely everyone…. cheers till then…..

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Flashing The Galaxy Spica My Bumbling Journey Part 2

Well my research for the guide to flashing my Spice has been involving a lot of reading and while this is just a short post to update you guys on how its going here are a couple of links on what all I had been reading with respect to that

and a few more which helped me in small ways which I will try and include in my final guide when I write it.

Along this journey I also learnt a few other things along the way too…

Flashing a kernel is different from flashing a firmware or lets call it operating system for those not in the know…
flashing the kernel gives you root access and a host of other benefits while flashing your firmware/OS itself will be the thing which changes everything like giving you live wallpapers etc.

Well on to more reading then and then lets see how much further I can go..

Phone Log

Flashing The Galaxy Spica My Bumbling Journey Part 1

A few months back I became the proud owner of a brand new Android Phone in all its slick open source amazingness…

Being the superficial geek that I am (meaning that I know most of what is happening in the tech world by keeping sufficiently abreast with the top Tech Blogs and a smattering of terms too.. but ask me something really technical and I will have to google it up) I was super excited this being a super cool new android phone which had been updated with Android 2.1 inside the box itself and given my limited resources was a steal at just INR 11k. So all in all I was a happy camper. Not going to give you a full review of the Phone that may come at some later time not right now.

What this article is about is the way I can’t for the life of me keep my inquisitive geeky little nose out of the Android modders marketplace and even though I know it may void my warranty i’m willing to take the risk… but only and only with a lot of information and knowledge on my side so that I don’t screw it all up and have to go running to my parents crying for a new phone which I surely will not get.

So this is where the Journey begins… Hopefully along the way I will learn a lot from everything I read and I will surely put it up for all of you to follow and at the end once this post becomes longer and longer due to re-edit after re-edit I will compile a simple hopefully easy to follow guide on how to proceed with the whole thing. But first as I have already seen on the various Blogs and Posts I have read let me put up the customary Disclaimer.(PS: I will try to put the sources too of what I read and refer to)


Ok now that we have dealt with that let me start with the basics the Firmware versions which I am currently using.




I got this Info by typing  *#1234# into the dailer of my phone.

Some other info about my phone,

I am currently running LauncherPro version 38 as my home “page” or default Launcher.
I have games installed and PdaNet for tethering the phone to your laptop to use as a Wifi hotspot.
For those who don’t know tethering is a process of using the Internet available through your data plan or Wifi connection on your phone to power your Internet browsing on your laptop.

Thats all for now will augment this post soon with links and all too… but sadly I don’t think I will be able to provide screenshots. (I will try to learn how to though so I can help everybody even more)