Life log

Random Ramblings # 9

Today all day people in my college and I guess colleges around India have been talking about the spectacular mind-boggling packages and placements being offered to the IIT graduates this year…. and to them all, i just want to say one thing “I don’t give a FUCK!!!” it doesn’t interest me, fill me with wonder at what is happening or anything of the sort ok… It makes me feel worse for mistakes I have made and instead of propelling me forward on a constant draft of ‘I need to be like that someday’ in my case it makes my situation seem ever more helpless, so what I need right now is not to revisit old mistakes or be made to realize how big they were, I need more positive sentiment for the time moving forward because I have  only one message for the world as I prepare to work hard and lick old wounds opened up today…’Look out world, a force is coming and its called Kshitij Manish Shah, be prepared cause its going to come and when it does you had better be prepared cause it wants to allow its parents to hold their heads high, and nothing will stop him from achieving that’


Random Ramblings # 4

There are times in a person’s life when they have the bejeezes scared out of them… it can happen at at time… but in my case it Has occurred right now… with placements looming in the horizon… exams even closer than that… its all starting to get a lil actually make that a lot scared… but I guess the world only rewards those who are brave right… so here’s to taking a leap of faith and just plugging on… the universe had something good planned for everyone let’s just hope mine comes sooner rather than later…