True Friends-simply defined

True friendship isn’t measured by the things ur friends will do with you but the ones they won’t and will still be by your side when its over…it acts like the sandpaper to the rough edges of life while being the balm to sooth its passage … Allowing the highs to be more ecstatic than they were ever meant to be while being the soft cushion which saves you from the hard floor of rock bottom while still letting u smell the crap lying there… They know how to cut you down when ur head is too big for its own good but will be your backbone when the weight of the world is too much for your own… True friendships are those which last just because they were meant to be nothing more complex can exist but at the same time nothing simpler too… They will mock u in private and defend u in public… The best men and the pall bearers all wrapped into one… They will push u and pull u all at the same time but will be there for you….celebrate the creases and the inconsistencies cause that’s what makes them what they are true friends till the very end 😀


Can a boy and girl just be friends??

Well… hang on there before you even try to assume that i’m about to even remotely try and get at an ans for this age old question let me seek apologies from you before hand itself… theres no way I’m about to delve into a deep winded discussion about this now.. just not in the mood for it… but i will tell you this… i just read a book by sumrit shahi on it.. a young chap of 17 mind you…. which if nothing else has gotten me thinking about it atleast… maybe once I’m done you guys will hear about it…