10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Yoga

How I wish I could take out the time for Yoga, but it just doesn’t happen 😦

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I got into yoga because I wanted to have sex with handsome men who would love me and live forever.

That was the boring part of yoga. The rest I learned later. And it all blew my mind.

Here are 9 things that blew my mind about yoga “lately.” Meaning that every day, I find something new. What blew your mind? Do tell me in the comments.

1- Flexibility is of the mind not the body

The first time I heard my teacher say: “Body is not stiff, mind is,” I was speechless. Why? Because if I had a penny for every person that tells me they won’t do yoga because they are not flexible, I’d probably have like 256 dollars by now.

When it dawns on you that it’s the mind that starts the fear cycle, and how powerful the breath is in aiding flexibility, you find that with the right teacher, you…

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Lets Go

Let’s go dancing under the moonlight cause when the stars come out I want to be holding you in my arms, swaying to the beat of our hearts and the music as one, listening to the strains of cosmic music while looking ahead, beyond the horizon, the goggles of experience firmly in place…. Let’s go jumping of the highest bridge while the sun rises up, feel the beats of our heart against the chest in time with the howl of the wind whooshing past, let’s look to let ourselves go while knowing that its our past which is the bungee cord to keep us safe…. Let’s go swimming in the deepest oceans, feel the beats of our heart become one with the murmurs of the fishes, let’s look to immerse our selves completely with our friends and family the oxygen to keep us safe…. Let’s go…..


True Friends-simply defined

True friendship isn’t measured by the things ur friends will do with you but the ones they won’t and will still be by your side when its over…it acts like the sandpaper to the rough edges of life while being the balm to sooth its passage … Allowing the highs to be more ecstatic than they were ever meant to be while being the soft cushion which saves you from the hard floor of rock bottom while still letting u smell the crap lying there… They know how to cut you down when ur head is too big for its own good but will be your backbone when the weight of the world is too much for your own… True friendships are those which last just because they were meant to be nothing more complex can exist but at the same time nothing simpler too… They will mock u in private and defend u in public… The best men and the pall bearers all wrapped into one… They will push u and pull u all at the same time but will be there for you….celebrate the creases and the inconsistencies cause that’s what makes them what they are true friends till the very end 😀


Review : Chor Bizzarre, Lavasa

Came out from Chor Bizarre very pleasantly surprised with the whole experience.

Its got a very nice and Quaint atmosphere about the whole place, and seems surprisingly small yet cozy when you enter into it.

On weekends seems to be a favorite with the tourists and one might have to wait a bit for a table.

To start off we ordered the Aptly named Vegetarian Sampler and Paneer Achari Tikka Kebabs.
The vegetarian sampler gives mini portions of everything on offer and is a superb way to start the meal. The tikka was spicy in a good way and the paneer was soft and yummy.
A starter of note in the Vegetarian sampler was the Mushroom Kebabs which I felt like ordering another plate of to polish off all alone.

Main course started with a Malai Kofta which should be a treat for those who love their gravies on the sweeter side. My preference however was for the Paneer Kadai and Veg Jalfrezie which tasted yummy. The Black Dal on offer was above par and certainly beat my expectations for this kind of joint.

In the Roti and naan section is where this place really shown with an amazing unique offering called the Malabar paratha which is like a super soft Laccha paratha but oh so much better.
The garlic Naan was good without being over powering and Rotis were served piping hot but soft too. Kudos must be given for not having eggs in any of their breads and still keeping them so soft, should have asked them what Voodoo they used to get that to happen.

All in all a very satisfying meal with the burrp I gave off at the end a good indicator of that 😀


Random Ramblings # 59 – “Spring Board” Wife

There has been something which I have been noticing since a couple of years now. Be it in college or among my external group of friends some people say that they really want to marry a rich girl whose father has pots of money. Many a times its difficult to make out when they are joking and when they are actually serious about it.

I mean why the heck would you want a wife like that? Is a question I asked a friend of mine recently and the response I got is because she will be a “springboard” to a better life came the prompt reply. To say I was shocked would be a complete understatement.

I have always been brought up to feel that we should make our own standing in the world and this notion of a “springboard” by this means never really came into my head and thank god for that. To be honest it doesn’t really make much sense in todays day and age does it?
If you marry a rich wife do you expect her father to just throw his millions at you? Don’t you think her style of living will be way above what you would be able to provide and hence cause fights and disharmony? I mean these are just some of the questions which pop into my head and I expect them to pop into the head of any sane person indeed, yet I don’t think they do.

See I don’t think there is anything wrong with marrying a rich girl, its pretty awesome infact due to the fact that she might have a much broader point of view in a lot of things, be more open to trying new things amongst others along with the fact that many are extremely caring genuine people.

However to say I want to marry that person only because of her wealth or rather her parents wealth is a fools wish. Make your own bastion in life man. Make something of yourself to be able to give her the same lifestyle she is accustomed to and to which you aspire. In short be a man and not a leech.


Amanda Todd takes life after posting video online sharing her story of bullying

This was just completely and totally sad.. I mean I can’t believe no one would even be her friend… I mean OK OMG she flashed her self, but is that really such a big deal in todays world, In a world where the internet is full of porn and young girls making it big using just their bodies. Did she really deserve the kind of Hate that she got and continues to get? Have we become that deranged and demented a society? Will make me think for a while now


A teenage girl is believed to have been found hanged just weeks after posting a heartbreaking video on YouTube detailing her battle with cyber bullies.

Amanda Todd, 15, was found dead at her home in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, on Wednesday in an apparent suicide.

Last month, the troubled teenager shared a black and white video called “My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm” revealing her years of hidden torment.

She also admitted that she had turned to drugs and alcohol and had tried to take her own life twice.

Using a series of notecards, Amanda silently tells how

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