True Friends-simply defined

True friendship isn’t measured by the things ur friends will do with you but the ones they won’t and will still be by your side when its over…it acts like the sandpaper to the rough edges of life while being the balm to sooth its passage … Allowing the highs to be more ecstatic than they were ever meant to be while being the soft cushion which saves you from the hard floor of rock bottom while still letting u smell the crap lying there… They know how to cut you down when ur head is too big for its own good but will be your backbone when the weight of the world is too much for your own… True friendships are those which last just because they were meant to be nothing more complex can exist but at the same time nothing simpler too… They will mock u in private and defend u in public… The best men and the pall bearers all wrapped into one… They will push u and pull u all at the same time but will be there for you….celebrate the creases and the inconsistencies cause that’s what makes them what they are true friends till the very end 😀


Random Ramblings # 59 – “Spring Board” Wife

There has been something which I have been noticing since a couple of years now. Be it in college or among my external group of friends some people say that they really want to marry a rich girl whose father has pots of money. Many a times its difficult to make out when they are joking and when they are actually serious about it.

I mean why the heck would you want a wife like that? Is a question I asked a friend of mine recently and the response I got is because she will be a “springboard” to a better life came the prompt reply. To say I was shocked would be a complete understatement.

I have always been brought up to feel that we should make our own standing in the world and this notion of a “springboard” by this means never really came into my head and thank god for that. To be honest it doesn’t really make much sense in todays day and age does it?
If you marry a rich wife do you expect her father to just throw his millions at you? Don’t you think her style of living will be way above what you would be able to provide and hence cause fights and disharmony? I mean these are just some of the questions which pop into my head and I expect them to pop into the head of any sane person indeed, yet I don’t think they do.

See I don’t think there is anything wrong with marrying a rich girl, its pretty awesome infact due to the fact that she might have a much broader point of view in a lot of things, be more open to trying new things amongst others along with the fact that many are extremely caring genuine people.

However to say I want to marry that person only because of her wealth or rather her parents wealth is a fools wish. Make your own bastion in life man. Make something of yourself to be able to give her the same lifestyle she is accustomed to and to which you aspire. In short be a man and not a leech.


Random Ramblings # 58 – Just a thought

This just popped into my head… Life is about experiences not extravagances, about the times which move us in ways big and small… Tiny things which cause an Imperceptible shift or large ones which shake our core itself… Its about loving and caring… Its about living without fear of dying…being intelligent and working smart along with working hard… Its about letting go the small things so the big ones still bring a smile to our face… Its about well its just about Life in the end


Random Ramblings # 53 – The Hugging Equation

For someone moving out from Manipal the last year has been jarring to say the least. The ease of life that was there in a hostel, with friends all around, personal space when you needed it and a general feeling of freedom and peace to do what you wanted is much missed.

For me however one of the most confounding things has been the lack of ease and intimacy found between the sexes even in Urban India today, in that respect Manipal was a glorious amazing bubble where liberal views were the norm not the exception. Coming from a Bombay boy this might surprise you with many people equating it with a liberal culture by default which I must say compared to the rest of India it has by the bucket loads.

No where is this more evident to me than in the simple act of hugging, which for me has been quite a natural thing to do for whichever friends were close in Manipal be it guys or girls. I don’t quite get it to be honest, the side hug which most pass of nowadays for a full one. Is  it because I’m more used to the real full blown thing or am I just way too modern with it the way Manipal allows you to be? Its a set of questions I don’t know the answer to and will spend a while figuring out for sure, maybe even re calibrating myself to the new social mores.

I do humbly appeal to everyone though, give a proper frontal hug, it makes you feel nice and fuzzy inside, its one of the most natural ways to express affection and why can’t there be that kind of affection between girls and guys in today’s day and age. The hug is sweet its tender and makes one light up and feel special, more than anything else it lets you know that this person has your back. i’m not saying go do it to every random stranger you meet cause that will surely gross a large part of the population out along with a few choice slaps to keep your cheek company but when you know and trust that person, give him/her a hug, let the “love” flow freely, cause it only increases with sharing.

Cause I love a nice hug 🙂


Random Ramblings # 51- it just isn’t enough

In the morning day and age it is extremely impractical to assume that 25k is enough to Live a decent life. Especially when one wants to save, it just can’t happen.

The modern individual to keep up with a reasonable savings rate of 33% (still less than our fore fathers though) gets left with only enough to go out a few times a month when average movie tickets are 300+ and a dinner comes to 500 a head in the blink of an eye, furthermore woe be on those who have a significant other or family responsibilities to look forward to.

What’s going to happen I am afraid is that people are going to stop saving in the initial periods of their life and the snowball effect is going to kill the security we used to pride ourselves in

The government and private enterprises both need to realise that and incentivise young savers immensely, training for saving should be part of the curriculum in schools and please for gods sake tell the IT companies to pay everyone more


Random Ramblings # 49 – What i want to be

I don’t want to be brash and flashy and be accused of having a different value system as compared to my parents… I don’t want to be know as one of the ppl from the credit generation who got success too fast or tried to step into shoes far bigger than his own… I want to be known as a person who worked hard saved a lot invested properly and then indulged himself… I want to be known as a person who gave as much as he got and did so willingly… I want to be known as the person who never forgot the times he went through and lost the value of where he came from..

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Random Ramblings # 47 – Indias way forward

The following are a decidedly amateurish set of views of how I feel India should be moving forward in the coming future, being a mumbaikar the views will have a definite mumbai slant cause those are the issues I know best (or more accurately anything about).

Ok now that the disclaimer is out of the way let’s dive right in.
With a burgeoning youth population and an impending urban explosion on the cards India seems to have a massive advantage yet challenges which lay before it.

1) The huge number of youth can be potentially handled in two ways. The first would be to leave them relatively uneducated way which would in turn push us towards becoming a potential low cost manufacturing because we have history as our witness that poorly educated people typically ask for less money. The other alternative is to start providing the populace with a better standard of education immediately which would potentially propel us towards becoming a knowledge economy much faster and on a larger scale than ever seen before. I prefer the later approach because it helps us get to our eventual outcome that much faster and with a huge relatively uneducated populace rapidly moving towards a working age we already have the potential of filling in the intermediate period as a low cost manufacturing hub due to the large number of uneducated youth rapidly approaching working age. Its their kids which even assuming they keep to only the required 2.1 children per family should keep our demographic advantage going long enough to propel us into the leagues of the developed.
The challenge with choosing the later will be building the massive infrastructure which will be required in time. A gargantuan task in its conception alone execution will require a kind of drive never seen in India before.

2) The rise of blatant and open corruption which is pushing us right back into the clutches of a license raj as was seen before the times of economic freedom which brought us to the forefront of progress we are today.
The common man and businessman faces red tape of an illegal kind at every turn and it seems to just worse every day. The sheer scales to which this has risen was visible with the commonwealth scam being blown wide open. On a tangent for just a short while, the 2g scam in my opinion really wasn’t one as they make it out to be and even if it was became one of those rare occurrences where it actually ended up benefiting the end consumer by resulting in some of the lowest cellular rates in the world.
Coming back to the point, while some actions are being taken on the anti corruption front with the Jan Lokpal bill and other initiatives these are still in the planning stage and implementation will come at a much later stage which guessing by the much publicized lethargy and in fighting demonstrated by our parliament will take till forever and beyond.
What needs to start happening to weed this out in the longer term calls for a two pronged approach, firstly there should be a massive campaign to raise the esteem and value of the country itself in the minds of its varied citizens. This needs to be done as raising the profile of the country within the citizens themselves will lend a sense of pride and ownership in their dealings which will sub consciously think twice regarding not only corruption but a host of other issues.
The second should be a rapid and fairly loop hole proof digitization of almost all government transactions and processes. This will leave them more open, rapid and traceable than ever before.

3)Bridging of the digital divide to get at least 90% of our population is the next task which must be executed on a high priority basis.
This will facilitate the spread of information like never before and propel ourselves into the digital age. For a second just close your eyes and imagine the whole country connected to a single place where race, creed, colour, religion none of it matters, information flows freely and is accessible too. A utopian view that’s true because the nay sayers will always respond with there will be a lot of bile and filth on the internet it will corrupt our people and their age old values and to that I say bull shit. The advantages far outweigh the risks which will always be there with or without the internet.

4) Corresponding and almost in sync with the digitization of india we need to ensure the roll out if the UID project is a resounding success. Too much invasion in to a persons private life scream the naysayers I beg to ask them one simple question will it be better for that below poverty line to get 2 square meals a day through the NREGA scheme or subsidized ration at his neighborhood store or is it more important to have his privacy the very veneer of which in this world of investigative journalism and loose tongues is something I laugh at. The system would allow for better more seamless tax collection, better and easier access to a slew of government products and better governance for all involved. There will always be people creative enough to circumvent even this system of monitoring so the few arguments out there declaring the need for a safety valve to exist cause every economy needs a little breathing room shouldn’t really worry too much
There isn’t really a concrete reason you know why the UID project should take even a day more than the stipulated one because with one of the largest IT services oriented workforces in the world and a massive number of new engineers being churned out every year it would just be a shame if it did.

5) A renewed focus on infrastructure projects is a much. On both a national and city level these things require a much needed kick where the sun don’t shine because they lay the often intangible foundation of what the future will bring for us. Take the very simple example of the nation spanning internet connections I called for, what use would they be pray do tell without a massive electrical infrastructure to take it forward. This is just one small example of the kind of consequences of not focusing on key projects today rather than waiting for them to take care of themselves.
I don’t however want these to be taken forward at the expense of an already vulnerable ecological environment. We need to look at making the best use of the recyclable sources we do have available or the ones we can hope to use in the future.
A major component of this will have to be making the major government companies a lot more professional and reduce wastage, pilferage and money laundering from all angles in them.
Otherwise mega projects like the sea link, mumbai metro and such will just languish and slowly just fade into being irrelevant.

This seems to be a few things I feel India must do to take itself forward and establish it self as the super power it once more. Will be glad if eventually we achieve even 70% of this and will add more in another post as and when they come to mind.

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Random Ramblings # 46 – Thailand insanity

It’s been an awesome couple of weeks till now travelling through thailand.
Visited Phuket for some fun time with cousins(technically my dads but who cares) then it was hua hin for the fantabulous wedding of didi dearestn finally culminating in a pocket emptying trip to bangkok which actually took shopping till you drop to a whole new level.

Phuket was awesome with the booze flowing and the fun times a rolling.
The islands around the place are beautiful and a sight one must visit,though I do think they need to get a lot more strict about littering et all cause the beauty is a fragile one and once a tourist swims up to one too many floating plastic bags the whole region might take a hit tourism wise cause the world loves to bitch and drag a place down. Went snorkeling to and it has become an experience I want to repeat for sure especially the last one afforded to us in which the fishes would swirl around us in a frenzy when fed like the fish in a thai foot massage spa.
Patong beach on phuket island was a just barely tested experience but has now become a must go place with my friends and I will definitely be trying to make that happen soon. The lady boys, the night life spilling onto the streets and everything in between the place just begs to be experienced.
Personal recommendation if you ever go to phuket is to never ever ever miss the lebanese food at cairo restaurant near bangla road. Hands down the best lebanese I have ever tested with beirut in bangkok a close second. However cairo Is an experience for the tastebuds and an awesome adventure which must be undertaken.

Shifting to hua hin was an experience on its own with a pleasant surprise thrown in when an unexpected wedding guest was bumped into at the airport and the three hour journey hence seemed to just speed by. The wedding it self was one of the most amazing experiences I have had and full credit goes to two people for that my amazing sister mansi who planned everything painstakingly for nine months and the wedding planner from gem weddings who pulled every vision of to perfection.
The wedding was one where the family bonding continued in full force but the drama never reached a point that it got annoying at all, actually till the morning of the actual wedding it just seemed like a big long party with fancy clothes and lots of booze. The feeling finally sank in for me when I saw the first inklings of wetness around the corners of my sisters eyes.
But the day ended well and my sister is happy and has got an amazing husband so I’m happy too.

Hua hin gave way to bangkok soon thereafter where we stayed in this lovely hotel called president park. We were a tad disappointed with the variety of food available for the vegetarians during breakfast but other than that we got way more than what we paid for.
In bangkok understand this ye indian tourist MBK is like gods shrine for you. Go there bargain hard and come away with almost everything you need. Its almost like you go to bangkok just to shop there and in its self its more than enough.
For the more fashion conscious amongst us(only ladies mostly) the platinum mall is a must go, with nearly 1500 shops selling all shapes and colours of womens clothes, size wise beware though most of the clothes are in sizes and styles which cater more to the slightly built amongst us as the girls in bangkok seemed overwhelmingly so, the styles also are a little more revealing than the average indian is used to but I have always been a firm proponent of the if you have it flaunt it brigade so I would like more Indians to shop there to be honest.

Would like to give a special shout out to the angel called Jayshree aunty who came and guided us through all our shopping blues through our trip helping us understand and navigate the madness of MBK and showing us the most awesome hospitality at the same time.

The food in bangkok was mostly nights only but to cover that will require a small post per restaurant which will come soon.

The last day in bangkok was an experience unique in itself with me buying buckets of booze and almost missing my plane in the bargain.

Ending this mammoth post I say Thailand is a must repeat and to all my friends reading this do phuket or any other thai party scene at least once you will never regret it. And mansi di and chirag wish you guys a happy married life, may god bless you both.


Random Ramblings # 43- The eternal cynic

Been realising recently that I am an eternal cynic…. And that it is just holding me back in a big way in my life… Not that there is much I can do about that at this point in my life but it’s kinda nice to put it down in writing… Lends a certain amount of finality to the whole thing in the way i had written about  in the last post…so now vthat it is out there maybe I can start looking at ways to change that and moving forward… More on that later…

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Random Ramblings # 40 – Finally Eating Healthier

Full course dinner

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Have finally begun eating healthier, something I wanted to do since a long time and the waistline sneaking up to 36 has finally scared me into doing it. There are other ancillary benefits of course such as looking better for my cousin’s wedding in November which is being held in Bangkok 😀

Doing it primarily to take care of my health though, have diabetes from both sides of my family i.e. my mothers and my dads with my mama ( maternal uncle) contracting it early on, my grandfather also had a heart disease so need to be extra careful about that.

The diet regime I am currently following is

Breakfast: 1 Bowl Muesli with milk
Lunch : Either 2 rotis with sabzi ( The healthiest one I can find in the food court, usually something soya or cottage cheese based)/ 2 Glasses of Proteinex to keep me going.

Dinner: It’s what ever mom has made at home and contributes heavily to healthy balanced eating as well as a few calories as the rest of the day my intake is quite low.
Snacks (Morning and Evening) : It depends actually either Green tea or Proteinex with a biscuit or two ( Biscuits being Marie biscuits)

I know it isn’t the ideal plan with a lot of discrepancies and faults but its the best one I could come up with for now and will I think at least allow me to get my weight in check for now, lets hope it does.

Wish me the best till then 😀

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