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Random Ramblings # 41 – Shout out to the Landline

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Was just thinking the other day how much we still rely on the humble landline each and every day with its simple wire connected phone which lets us dial and do the one thing we were supposed to with a phone as envisioned by Alexander Graham Bell and that is just talk. Nothing more complex or anything simpler, talk with out the network hissing in our ear or us having to worry about the connection suddenly getting dropped, no worries in the back of our head saying that damn this conversation has gone on so long I think my battery might be dying.

The mental freedom and peace that a fixed dial telephone provides is immense. I realized that when after struggling like a gymnast to position my self the correct way in office to get a clear signal on my mobile phone I finally gave up my geekish pretensions and just used the landline and lo and behold it was like entering a completely different world of crisp clarity and clear communication.

So taking all that into account and while still realizing that its days are numbered I salute you oh humble landline, Live for as long as you can cause you certainly make my life much easier.

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Random Ramblings # 40 – Finally Eating Healthier

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Have finally begun eating healthier, something I wanted to do since a long time and the waistline sneaking up to 36 has finally scared me into doing it. There are other ancillary benefits of course such as looking better for my cousin’s wedding in November which is being held in Bangkok ๐Ÿ˜€

Doing it primarily to take care of my health though, have diabetes from both sides of my family i.e. my mothers and my dads with my mama ( maternal uncle) contracting it early on, my grandfather also had a heart disease so need to be extra careful about that.

The diet regime I am currently following is

Breakfast: 1 Bowl Muesli with milk
Lunch : Either 2 rotis with sabzi ( The healthiest one I can find in the food court, usually something soya or cottage cheese based)/ 2 Glasses of Proteinex to keep me going.

Dinner: It’s what ever mom has made at home and contributes heavily to healthy balanced eating as well as a few calories as the rest of the day my intake is quite low.
Snacks (Morning and Evening) : It depends actually either Green tea or Proteinex with a biscuit or two ( Biscuits being Marie biscuits)

I know it isn’t the ideal plan with a lot of discrepancies and faults but its the best one I could come up with for now and will I think at least allow me to get my weight in check for now, lets hope it does.

Wish me the best till then ๐Ÿ˜€

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Random Ramblings #30-Exit Strategy

Today I had a very interesting conversation with my new room-mate which got me thinking.

He stated something which was very obvious and out in the open but due to whatever reason I had never decided to think about head on. He said that by entering into the IT industry like we have done, we have essentially let someone else decide our fate for us.

In one fell swoop they took all four years of engineering imbibed into us and threw it out, assigned us a “Technology” to us, told us we could be thrown around like “Resources” on a giant RTS game being played by our corporate overlords, on this giant board game of the living breathing world in a desperate attempt to attract more “Gold” with bigger better contracts. They simultaneously expect us to fit almost 4 years of computer science knowledge in one fell swoop of just 45 to 60 days and enjoy it, whilst they try to smooth out all the battle scars which we have gained through our lives, those which help us differentiate into the varied individuals we are today, so they can fit us into the perfectly chiseled molds of the ideally productive “IT Resource” they have conceptualized.

All this got me into thinking what the hell am I doing here, not to deny that yes anyone who knows me will probably say that with my keen interest of computers and the way they function this IT industry world is perfectly suited for me and I should be glad to have gotten into one of the best that there is and a lot of other platitudes about how good I actually have it having got a job right out of college despite of not being from one of the famed IITs or going abroad or any of that elitist stuff.

While I do agree with most of what they say and yes I am glad for all they say I should be glad for and am relieved to finally be bringing in money for my family rather than just leaching money from my family, wouldn’t those same people agree that the luck of the draw is a slightly unfair way to be assigned the larger part of the rest of your life, I mean just because I took a decision once a long time ago that I wanted to become an engineer and never really questioned for whatever reasons seemed to justify not doing so at that time. Now however the feeling is finally sinking in that this one of the last throw’s of the dice left for me in this journey called life, the wheels of life are slowly going to start spinning faster and faster in deed as more of the cogs fall into place and most of the major ones already have with this being one of the last truly influential ones left.

Introspection into myself when faced with this harsh yet humbling reality I realized that its time for us to have an “Exit Plan” for this life that we have been forced into. Whats that one might ask? well the exit plan is exactly what it sounds like a way to exit this grinding life which for some of us holds no true meaning or purpose no matter how good we might be at it and do something which truly challenges us, in a way that even though we may not possess the natural raw talent to go ahead and be instant celebrities in that field, one where we grow by learning every single day and at the end become good at what we do or at least satisfied with what we have achieved.

For a lot of us this path isn’t going to be the easier one at all, its much easier to just lie back and say that you know what they have already done most of the bloody work for me why not just flow with it and make something out of the cards that have been dealt to us.

Those people in their own way are completely justified in their belief and I wish them the best of luck in that way of living their lives. I however come form a slightly different bend of mind, I believe that you know what mister I’m going to only take the best that I can from this big MNC that I’m working at which is the absolutely crazy amount of professionalism the try to imbibe into us as well as the immense networking options the offer us across the wide range of industries they serve.

My “Exit Plan” isn’t defined yet but this much is clear to me that this isn’t how i wanted my life to be decided and I will not allow it to be so, cause it is my belief that the ones who are truly successful in this world be it businessmen like Bill Gates and Dhirubhai Ambani or literary superstars like J.K. Rowling very few of them automatically got into exactly what they wanted right from the start I mean Dhirubhai was a petrol pump attendant for gods sake but they all had the ambition and balls(most importantly) to actually dare to change the wheels in this machine of life and make them sing according to their own tune and while I don’t aim to reach their level, I do wish to make my Life a more fulfilling one and wish you decide to do the same.

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Random Ramblings # 29- Hard Things

There are many things which we face difficulty with in life but I guess the strength of ones character truly comes through when one faces them… Its kinda with this intention that i started this post.. haven’t been facing any great difficulty in case any one jumps to that easy conclusion.. it’s just been difficult getting stuff out of my head and onto this little blog that I started a long time back.. so it’s with the goal that facing difficulties can only make us stronger that I’m trying to post a challenge to my self.

Aah a challenge in the air and everyone’s ears perk up don’t they! well here it is laid out bare for everyone to here… It’s a fairly simple one on the face of it but the challenge lies in the execution so lets see how well it goes…

I challenge my self to write about the varied thoughts that go through my head at least once a day…

There aren’t many rules but here are a few(cause whats the point of a challenge if it doesn’t even justify the word??)

1) The post should try to explain the point being raised
2) While the point doesn’t have to be original or completely unrelated it does have to build on an idea I have spoken of earlier and add some value.. Basically I can’t just rehash what I’ve said and gargle it out like recycled vomit(cause really has vomit appealed to any one ever??)
3) There is no length restriction cause I know that putting one on my self really won’t help.. but even if it is just a twitter post I’m putting.. I have to begin it with a new Random Ramblings title or something else if I ever think of anything meaningful to attach to the start of my posts

Will try to think up other rules but for now these are it.. simple straight forward and easy to follow.. might allow me to un clog the jam of thoughts in my head.. I just hope I get to use the app on my phone a little more cause otherwise even this simple one is going to be hell to pull off!!!

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Random Ramblings #28- Scaredy Cat

The way my brain feels right now

Been feeling really nervous since the last few days about my future and am taking it out the way I find best….

What have I been nervous about absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!

These are the questions running through my mind at breakneck speed right now:
1) I wasn’t able to crack IIT is CAT or for that matter any MBA entrance exam going to work out for me?
2) By working in Accenture is it goign to screw up my chances even more?
3) Should I stick it out in Accenture for 2-3 years?
4) How the hell will I discipline myself for CAT this year?
5) I want more money!!!!
6) How bad are my acads? Will it affect my MBA prospects??

that feels better, you know there is just something about putting everything down in writing !

Well now that I feel better off to pondering about the future and working hard at it!!

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Random Ramblings #25- Times just flown by

There is a feeling coursing through me that I’m finding really hard to capture into words… its one which is tinged with a shade of sadness but not sad in its entirety

Recently I took a long hard look at college life and i was satisfied with all that I had done when I took a very shallow look at the past four years, however sitting back and taking a harder more critical look I realized that I have let a lot of goals pass through the cracks, lost in the constant stream of assignments, fests and other activities which make up any well rounded college life

But there are always a few things which every person has, those things which they want to do or achieve just because they admire someone who has done it , to make them a more rounded person overall or any other conceivable reason one can think of but the things I talk about are more deep rooted than say going to a concert and saying hell yeah I’m going to learn the guitar (or maybe for some that may actually be the case) but I guess you get my drift…

So I have now decided to start listing them all and cross them off one by one kind of in the vein of a bucket list yet not that tragic or with that big a timeline in my mind, I am only 21 you know, these things however will be tackled one by one and hopefully not abandoned in the middle however if they cease to interest me orย  seem uneccesary then i may just leave them mid way….

(This list will be continuously modified, added to, pruned and prodded so never expect it to remain the same)

1) Learn how to play chess
2) Finish the book Brain Power (Actually do the 12 weeks properly)
3) Cook a perfect risotto
4) Learn tennis
5) Visit Australia and New Zealand
6) Contribute to the Khan Academy
7) Visit Las Vegas

so this is the list so far… keep checking back for changes…..

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Random Ramblings #21- Addictions

A few days back I had a conversation with a close friend regarding his smoking and the conversation revealed that yes he is hooked now and that it would be a great challenge for him to completely give it up.
Other things more pertinent at that time filled my thoughts and this particular nuggets just faded away.
However yesterday seeing some one on the road smoking suddenly brought the dialogue back to the forefront and got me thinking back to a conversation I had with a whole group of these guys just when they had started out.

All of them had the same opinion at that point of time,ย  that they wouldn’t allow it to become an addiction and that it was just to try it out was they were having too few for it to seriously affect them, as the years rolled by the number and frequency have increased to the point at which they are today.

This got me thinking about the very nature of these thing and how they work.

I guess in most cases it all starts out the same where people believe they are completely in control but slowly that control is lost in such a gradual fashion that the person never truely realises when his will power has been eroded away, this seems to happen more in a few substances than others but i believe that it can happen with anything if you over do it cause the human psyche is just hard wired that way.

And now that the dependency has been created its hard to let it go cause it makes the person ‘comfortable’ it releases those magic little hormones called endorphins which make everything seem ok, Its not just the common vices though which can turn into addictions it can be things as varied as over exercising or listening to the same rap song every single day, they all just vary in how harmful they are.

These dependencies are there and we cant escape them, in fact i guess to survive normally in this world we all need our little indulgences to let go and to just escape but i guess its up to us now to keep them in check and to decide which ones to choose..

Just a little food for thought…