Random Ramblings # 59 – “Spring Board” Wife

There has been something which I have been noticing since a couple of years now. Be it in college or among my external group of friends some people say that they really want to marry a rich girl whose father has pots of money. Many a times its difficult to make out when they are joking and when they are actually serious about it.

I mean why the heck would you want a wife like that? Is a question I asked a friend of mine recently and the response I got is because she will be a “springboard” to a better life came the prompt reply. To say I was shocked would be a complete understatement.

I have always been brought up to feel that we should make our own standing in the world and this notion of a “springboard” by this means never really came into my head and thank god for that. To be honest it doesn’t really make much sense in todays day and age does it?
If you marry a rich wife do you expect her father to just throw his millions at you? Don’t you think her style of living will be way above what you would be able to provide and hence cause fights and disharmony? I mean these are just some of the questions which pop into my head and I expect them to pop into the head of any sane person indeed, yet I don’t think they do.

See I don’t think there is anything wrong with marrying a rich girl, its pretty awesome infact due to the fact that she might have a much broader point of view in a lot of things, be more open to trying new things amongst others along with the fact that many are extremely caring genuine people.

However to say I want to marry that person only because of her wealth or rather her parents wealth is a fools wish. Make your own bastion in life man. Make something of yourself to be able to give her the same lifestyle she is accustomed to and to which you aspire. In short be a man and not a leech.


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