Random Ramblings # 56 – Has Apple mastered niceness?

What is niceness? Is it something which can be measured or just something that has to be felt? I strongly subscribe to the latter point of view and this is why I ask a simple question.

Has Apple mastered niceness? (I ask this in purely hardware terms, Apple Maps is an unmitigated disaster and not nice at all)

A weird question one might think, but its one which has been plaguing my mind ever since the iPhone 5 launch a few weeks ago. Blogs universally over exposed to the leakfest that characterized this times iPhone launch were universally also taken aback when they actually got the phone in their hands.

One resounding voice is heard from even naysayers, is that this phone is really really nice in the hand. Daring Fireball wrote about it,’s writer even took back his statements saying this thing is a bore because of it. I have personally never held one (Thank you late apple launch cycle) but I am sure I will be blown away too.

This question however is one which I feel a lot more manufacturers need to ask themselves a lot more. The mobile space has seen its days of break neck innovation and its the time for incremental improvements now. The number of cores on a processor or how many megapixels you can fit into a phone is fast losing significance to the average customer, what isn’t losing significance though is how it feels, how it interacts with them in a more physical sense.

The best back plate matching and seemingly seamless design all lend to that and its one are where Apple really seems to have their eye on the ball and maybe they are already staking their claim in a battleground the others haven’t even realized exists yet and have been doing so consistently.

Lets hope the others catch on in the near future. I for one can’t wait to get my hands on one and let you know my opinion.


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