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Random Ramblings # 55 – Nokia’s Big Push, Final push?

I guess I’m not the only one excited by the Nokia Lumia 920 and I’m so excited to see that they have finally released a phone to go against the iPhone and Android heavyweights. All the tech sites seem to taken notice and have been using it as on of the benchmarks in all the comparison tests which is awesome.

The phone in my opinion reflects the best of what Nokia has to offer in a brilliant way to the world. From the coloured polycarbonate shells, Pureview floating lens tech, clearblack display and Nokia Maps it seems to be a phone which tries to crystallize everything which Nokia has tried to excel in by putting them centerstage.

Like everyone else I was disappointed to not be able to learn anything more about WP8 other than what was already known to us, but atleast this let the Phone shine to try and differentiate it self.

This however is Nokia’s last bet. It had to pull this off because its chips are all in as a smartphone manufacturer at least. It has no other OS to look to, its publicly and unapologetically tied itself to the WP bandwagon and I really hope that it pays off.

I do feel that 4 eco systems can co exist well in this world especially in a field as diverse as the mobile space. Let’s hope everything pays off for all involved.

Fingers crossed, I’m just glad its going to be an awesome time for tech geeks like me 🙂


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