Random Ramblings # 51- it just isn’t enough

In the morning day and age it is extremely impractical to assume that 25k is enough to Live a decent life. Especially when one wants to save, it just can’t happen.

The modern individual to keep up with a reasonable savings rate of 33% (still less than our fore fathers though) gets left with only enough to go out a few times a month when average movie tickets are 300+ and a dinner comes to 500 a head in the blink of an eye, furthermore woe be on those who have a significant other or family responsibilities to look forward to.

What’s going to happen I am afraid is that people are going to stop saving in the initial periods of their life and the snowball effect is going to kill the security we used to pride ourselves in

The government and private enterprises both need to realise that and incentivise young savers immensely, training for saving should be part of the curriculum in schools and please for gods sake tell the IT companies to pay everyone more


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