Random Ramblings # 50 – A look ahead for Blackberry

Well the situation to be honest looks pretty bleak for Blackberry and RIM in general, however with many a company scripting a fight back I dont hold them totally done and dusted.

The following things however are ones they must nail at the launch of BB10 if they are to have any hope of surviving what happened to Palm

1) Make sure that BBM works spot on right off the bat – There are no two ways about this, most of the loyalty that BB currently enjoys is due to that one solitary feature keeping millions of young adults and teens completely hooked to the platform all over Asia and else where where it currently selling well.

2) Get email working on the day of launch- with blackberry’s Playbook fiasco when they launched it they just can’t afford to make the same mistake with BB10

3) Make sure that the Camera Matches up- Increasingly in the consumer market too many people are looking for their phone to replace everything they own gadget wise and the Camera is top of the hit list in that one

4) The usability for the IT department has to be buttery smooth – A major Chunk of the BB users are and for the considerable future will be the Corporate and Government segments for whom locking down the security is paramount and thats only possible when the IT department is super happy

5) Get the top Apps quick – As a techie with many regular normal friends I have realised that having just the top 50 Apps on each platform is more than enough for people to get around and start feeling the phone is their own, of course then people will go along and customize and nip and tuck; the imperative for RIM however is going to be nailing that right out of the park.

I have been following the leaks from the BB camp and I must say I am cautiously impressed, however the proof of a pudding is in the eating and I can’t wait to sink my teeth in soon when it comes out.


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