Random Ramblings # 53 – The Hugging Equation

For someone moving out from Manipal the last year has been jarring to say the least. The ease of life that was there in a hostel, with friends all around, personal space when you needed it and a general feeling of freedom and peace to do what you wanted is much missed.

For me however one of the most confounding things has been the lack of ease and intimacy found between the sexes even in Urban India today, in that respect Manipal was a glorious amazing bubble where liberal views were the norm not the exception. Coming from a Bombay boy this might surprise you with many people equating it with a liberal culture by default which I must say compared to the rest of India it has by the bucket loads.

No where is this more evident to me than in the simple act of hugging, which for me has been quite a natural thing to do for whichever friends were close in Manipal be it guys or girls. I don’t quite get it to be honest, the side hug which most pass of nowadays for a full one. Is  it because I’m more used to the real full blown thing or am I just way too modern with it the way Manipal allows you to be? Its a set of questions I don’t know the answer to and will spend a while figuring out for sure, maybe even re calibrating myself to the new social mores.

I do humbly appeal to everyone though, give a proper frontal hug, it makes you feel nice and fuzzy inside, its one of the most natural ways to express affection and why can’t there be that kind of affection between girls and guys in today’s day and age. The hug is sweet its tender and makes one light up and feel special, more than anything else it lets you know that this person has your back. i’m not saying go do it to every random stranger you meet cause that will surely gross a large part of the population out along with a few choice slaps to keep your cheek company but when you know and trust that person, give him/her a hug, let the “love” flow freely, cause it only increases with sharing.

Cause I love a nice hug 🙂

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Random Ramblings # 52 – Apple moving forward

Well lets all agree that this times iPhone launch was a bit of a let down for us all. I mean a lot of the mystique and punch of the event used to be the secrecy behind it.

This time however with the constant leaks almost everyone knew what was coming out on the hardware side and which is one of the primary reasons it became super important for apple to deliver on the software side which by all accounts is still extremely smooth is finally looking its 5 years…which by most criteria in today’s fast moving mobile age is an eon

I do feel however we are seeing the stirrings of something from within Cupertino…one needs to only look at the new iTunes and App Store interface to gain a sense of it… Let me be very clear here that it isn’t going to happen in a hurry and I in no way am saying that iOS 7 is going to look dramatically different but quick nips and tucks will start happening on the UI front that much I’m sure off… See the problem apple currently has is that it is the incumbent now….. The situation is totally unlike to what the first few years when it launched, where innovation was key to making it a household name they have to now look at changing it up while still being loyal to their rabid fans and hence it will be a slower process for them overall.

I’m predicting a UI with larger icons making better use of the larger screen real estate now on offer. The larger icons will now start having a little bit of live information, something like the windows live tile approach but with some apple minimalism and finesse thrown in. More social feature for sure with Facebook and twitter becoming wholly baked in, cause I have a feeling they are still figuring out a way to keep the legendary battery life while integrating everything into the OS.

I do not in any circumstance see an entire kernel rewrite for the foreseeable future.

In terms of hardware I think we are pushing the limits on all accounts and incremental updates till 3D tech becomes headache free for consumers and users is what we are looking at.

Well this is just my amateur opinion and let’s see what happens as the years roll on, I just hope it doesn’t turn into an RIM which was too wary of innovating till they were pushed to the brink


Random Ramblings # 51- it just isn’t enough

In the morning day and age it is extremely impractical to assume that 25k is enough to Live a decent life. Especially when one wants to save, it just can’t happen.

The modern individual to keep up with a reasonable savings rate of 33% (still less than our fore fathers though) gets left with only enough to go out a few times a month when average movie tickets are 300+ and a dinner comes to 500 a head in the blink of an eye, furthermore woe be on those who have a significant other or family responsibilities to look forward to.

What’s going to happen I am afraid is that people are going to stop saving in the initial periods of their life and the snowball effect is going to kill the security we used to pride ourselves in

The government and private enterprises both need to realise that and incentivise young savers immensely, training for saving should be part of the curriculum in schools and please for gods sake tell the IT companies to pay everyone more


Random Ramblings # 50 – A look ahead for Blackberry

Well the situation to be honest looks pretty bleak for Blackberry and RIM in general, however with many a company scripting a fight back I dont hold them totally done and dusted.

The following things however are ones they must nail at the launch of BB10 if they are to have any hope of surviving what happened to Palm

1) Make sure that BBM works spot on right off the bat – There are no two ways about this, most of the loyalty that BB currently enjoys is due to that one solitary feature keeping millions of young adults and teens completely hooked to the platform all over Asia and else where where it currently selling well.

2) Get email working on the day of launch- with blackberry’s Playbook fiasco when they launched it they just can’t afford to make the same mistake with BB10

3) Make sure that the Camera Matches up- Increasingly in the consumer market too many people are looking for their phone to replace everything they own gadget wise and the Camera is top of the hit list in that one

4) The usability for the IT department has to be buttery smooth – A major Chunk of the BB users are and for the considerable future will be the Corporate and Government segments for whom locking down the security is paramount and thats only possible when the IT department is super happy

5) Get the top Apps quick – As a techie with many regular normal friends I have realised that having just the top 50 Apps on each platform is more than enough for people to get around and start feeling the phone is their own, of course then people will go along and customize and nip and tuck; the imperative for RIM however is going to be nailing that right out of the park.

I have been following the leaks from the BB camp and I must say I am cautiously impressed, however the proof of a pudding is in the eating and I can’t wait to sink my teeth in soon when it comes out.