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Random Ramblings # 48 – Blackberry Views

Got a Blackberry 8520 (Curve) a couple of weeks back and its been a mixed bag so far.

I picked up a black coloured model for the price of Rs 9750, a pretty reasonable one in my books, especially with the market moving toward the more expensive kind of models.

The first thing and one of the most important ones for the youth market that it targets is that it’s at a great price point. At a time when it is becoming increasingly hard to recommend a good phone under 15 K and even at that price point there are very few available, an established name like Blackberry with visions of rock hard reliability and security behind it ( enhanced by the governments efforts to intercept communications) becomes a kind of flocking point for the newly employed or cell phone allowed individual.

Coming to the build quality of the device it seems to be okay given the price point and materials used in the device, I have heard problems from long-term owners of the phone about the various buttons coming out and one specific incident of the optical trackpad becoming fiddly but other than that it seems fine no unusual squeaks and creaks from anywhere.

The Camera folks is underwhelming and just a use only if absolutely necessary thing.

Software wise the phone is okayish but feels a tad like a feature phone turned smart when compared to the offerings from Android, Windows Phone and iOS, applications are few and far in between with truly impressive ones being especially rare.

The qwerty keyboard and the BBM service are the two major saving graces of this device and are in my opinion some of the most compelling reasons as to why this device continues to flourish in India.

BBM is a like an always on, cumbersome free way to stay in touch in a rich way with a lot of your friends if they are present on it (I do fall into that category btw) and a great way to keep a tab on peoples life, I am enjoying it throughly but secretly a part of me really is scared about the day when the other manufacturers catch up with a comparable rival service of their own.

All in all it has been a good two months with this device although it does feel like it was on its last legs to start out with and I desperately want to relegate it to the BBM only function which is what I personally feel it should be used for, however it must be mentioned that there are many things that RIM did get right and I can only hope that BB10 is a compelling argument for me to upgrade to a bigger faster BB and be a long-term full-time user instead of one using it just for one service.

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