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Random Ramblings # 46 – Thailand insanity

It’s been an awesome couple of weeks till now travelling through thailand.
Visited Phuket for some fun time with cousins(technically my dads but who cares) then it was hua hin for the fantabulous wedding of didi dearestn finally culminating in a pocket emptying trip to bangkok which actually took shopping till you drop to a whole new level.

Phuket was awesome with the booze flowing and the fun times a rolling.
The islands around the place are beautiful and a sight one must visit,though I do think they need to get a lot more strict about littering et all cause the beauty is a fragile one and once a tourist swims up to one too many floating plastic bags the whole region might take a hit tourism wise cause the world loves to bitch and drag a place down. Went snorkeling to and it has become an experience I want to repeat for sure especially the last one afforded to us in which the fishes would swirl around us in a frenzy when fed like the fish in a thai foot massage spa.
Patong beach on phuket island was a just barely tested experience but has now become a must go place with my friends and I will definitely be trying to make that happen soon. The lady boys, the night life spilling onto the streets and everything in between the place just begs to be experienced.
Personal recommendation if you ever go to phuket is to never ever ever miss the lebanese food at cairo restaurant near bangla road. Hands down the best lebanese I have ever tested with beirut in bangkok a close second. However cairo Is an experience for the tastebuds and an awesome adventure which must be undertaken.

Shifting to hua hin was an experience on its own with a pleasant surprise thrown in when an unexpected wedding guest was bumped into at the airport and the three hour journey hence seemed to just speed by. The wedding it self was one of the most amazing experiences I have had and full credit goes to two people for that my amazing sister mansi who planned everything painstakingly for nine months and the wedding planner from gem weddings who pulled every vision of to perfection.
The wedding was one where the family bonding continued in full force but the drama never reached a point that it got annoying at all, actually till the morning of the actual wedding it just seemed like a big long party with fancy clothes and lots of booze. The feeling finally sank in for me when I saw the first inklings of wetness around the corners of my sisters eyes.
But the day ended well and my sister is happy and has got an amazing husband so I’m happy too.

Hua hin gave way to bangkok soon thereafter where we stayed in this lovely hotel called president park. We were a tad disappointed with the variety of food available for the vegetarians during breakfast but other than that we got way more than what we paid for.
In bangkok understand this ye indian tourist MBK is like gods shrine for you. Go there bargain hard and come away with almost everything you need. Its almost like you go to bangkok just to shop there and in its self its more than enough.
For the more fashion conscious amongst us(only ladies mostly) the platinum mall is a must go, with nearly 1500 shops selling all shapes and colours of womens clothes, size wise beware though most of the clothes are in sizes and styles which cater more to the slightly built amongst us as the girls in bangkok seemed overwhelmingly so, the styles also are a little more revealing than the average indian is used to but I have always been a firm proponent of the if you have it flaunt it brigade so I would like more Indians to shop there to be honest.

Would like to give a special shout out to the angel called Jayshree aunty who came and guided us through all our shopping blues through our trip helping us understand and navigate the madness of MBK and showing us the most awesome hospitality at the same time.

The food in bangkok was mostly nights only but to cover that will require a small post per restaurant which will come soon.

The last day in bangkok was an experience unique in itself with me buying buckets of booze and almost missing my plane in the bargain.

Ending this mammoth post I say Thailand is a must repeat and to all my friends reading this do phuket or any other thai party scene at least once you will never regret it. And mansi di and chirag wish you guys a happy married life, may god bless you both.


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