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Average Opinions 4- John Grisham- The Litigators

Cover of "The Litgators by John Grisham"

Cover of "The Litgators by John Grisham"

It felt so so good sinking my teeth into a book again and finishing it lickedy split despite the crazy work + travel schedule was a very fulfilling experience for me.

THe book in question is John Grisham  “The Litigators and I must say its been a long time since I read a good Law Drama book and this one hit all the right notes for me.

The book is well researched and excellently paced which is something I have always appreciated in a John Grisham book. The crazy bickering characters at the Law firm of Finley and Figg are brought to life admirably.

The story goes a little like this, David ZInc is tired of his old life in the hellish dungeons of a prestigious Law firm in Chicago and finally cracks and bolts in a dramatic and excellently written part of the book. He finds himself at the door steps of a rundown law practice of the name Finley and Figg and decides to seek employ there for a chance at the easier life, little does he know however that he has come far away from the cushy offices and high pay of a big law firm, these are the streets where each case has to be snatched and you take what you can get. The firm plunges into unexplored territory by taking on a mass tort case hoping to finally score in the big league but the story of what happens next and the twists and turns is what form the bulk of this book.

There were unexpected pleasures peppered throughout the book with one of the biggest and most enjoyable coming almost at the end but not quite.

All in all it was a brilliantly fun read for me and I am glad I bought the book.

I give it 3.5/5 i.e *** 1/2 😀

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