Random Ramblings # 42- Facing the Music

The main reason I don’t write enough is because it scares me and I’m lazy. Its a deadly concoction of fear and procrastination that goes down so easy its like giving a drug addict cocaine and constantly telling him that just one more hit will be enough, it never truely is.

I write this to confront that fear of mine. What am I afraid of you ask, well as the good lord himself said, ‘Ask and ye shall receive’. I’m scared because it causes me to crystallize what is being thought of in my head, to face the music when I would rather just let it play on. It puts things in black and white,those very things which seem very nice and warm in my head filled with idealism and the archaic delusional view that the world is all sunshine and roses and its just a matter of when the world gets better not what has to be done to make it happen.

More and more though I realise that I have to confront these things before it consumes me.

This post however short is helping me do just that.


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