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Random Ramblings # 41 – Shout out to the Landline

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Was just thinking the other day how much we still rely on the humble landline each and every day with its simple wire connected phone which lets us dial and do the one thing we were supposed to with a phone as envisioned by Alexander Graham Bell and that is just talk. Nothing more complex or anything simpler, talk with out the network hissing in our ear or us having to worry about the connection suddenly getting dropped, no worries in the back of our head saying that damn this conversation has gone on so long I think my battery might be dying.

The mental freedom and peace that a fixed dial telephone provides is immense. I realized that when after struggling like a gymnast to position my self the correct way in office to get a clear signal on my mobile phone I finally gave up my geekish pretensions and just used the landline and lo and behold it was like entering a completely different world of crisp clarity and clear communication.

So taking all that into account and while still realizing that its days are numbered I salute you oh humble landline, Live for as long as you can cause you certainly make my life much easier.

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