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Random Ramblings # 40 – Finally Eating Healthier

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Have finally begun eating healthier, something I wanted to do since a long time and the waistline sneaking up to 36 has finally scared me into doing it. There are other ancillary benefits of course such as looking better for my cousin’s wedding in November which is being held in Bangkok 😀

Doing it primarily to take care of my health though, have diabetes from both sides of my family i.e. my mothers and my dads with my mama ( maternal uncle) contracting it early on, my grandfather also had a heart disease so need to be extra careful about that.

The diet regime I am currently following is

Breakfast: 1 Bowl Muesli with milk
Lunch : Either 2 rotis with sabzi ( The healthiest one I can find in the food court, usually something soya or cottage cheese based)/ 2 Glasses of Proteinex to keep me going.

Dinner: It’s what ever mom has made at home and contributes heavily to healthy balanced eating as well as a few calories as the rest of the day my intake is quite low.
Snacks (Morning and Evening) : It depends actually either Green tea or Proteinex with a biscuit or two ( Biscuits being Marie biscuits)

I know it isn’t the ideal plan with a lot of discrepancies and faults but its the best one I could come up with for now and will I think at least allow me to get my weight in check for now, lets hope it does.

Wish me the best till then 😀

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