Random Ramblings # 38 – The human touch

Recently I came across JLo’s latest music video on Youtube titled ‘Papi’ and the starting scene of the video struck me, it is a very simple thing of a person handing Jennifer Lopez her mail instead of it just being there for her in her home or where ever. This leads to some conversation and actions which is what the whole video is about but that’s beside the point I’m trying to make right now.

What struck me was the remarkable lack of human contact that is beginning to permeate into our societies these days and how disconnected we are getting from each other, how the digital highways are actually making us interact less and less.

But the thought that popped into my head wasn’t whether the social networking scene should be burned at the stake and abolished ( too much of a tech lover for that) however what I did think about is whether people would actually be willing to pay a little extra for a human touch, someone they can interact with or converse with once in a while, not something which just takes in a cold pre programmed set of commands and gives us a built in response. I mean would we want the day of mail room clerks and Door men and Lift men to really be revived again? Is it those things which matter and make a top executive pay more? Just a thought

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