Random Ramblings # 43- The eternal cynic

Been realising recently that I am an eternal cynic…. And that it is just holding me back in a big way in my life… Not that there is much I can do about that at this point in my life but it’s kinda nice to put it down in writing… Lends a certain amount of finality to the whole thing in the way i had written about  in the last post…so now vthat it is out there maybe I can start looking at ways to change that and moving forward… More on that later…


Random Ramblings # 42- Facing the Music

The main reason I don’t write enough is because it scares me and I’m lazy. Its a deadly concoction of fear and procrastination that goes down so easy its like giving a drug addict cocaine and constantly telling him that just one more hit will be enough, it never truely is.

I write this to confront that fear of mine. What am I afraid of you ask, well as the good lord himself said, ‘Ask and ye shall receive’. I’m scared because it causes me to crystallize what is being thought of in my head, to face the music when I would rather just let it play on. It puts things in black and white,those very things which seem very nice and warm in my head filled with idealism and the archaic delusional view that the world is all sunshine and roses and its just a matter of when the world gets better not what has to be done to make it happen.

More and more though I realise that I have to confront these things before it consumes me.

This post however short is helping me do just that.

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Random Ramblings # 41 – Shout out to the Landline

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Was just thinking the other day how much we still rely on the humble landline each and every day with its simple wire connected phone which lets us dial and do the one thing we were supposed to with a phone as envisioned by Alexander Graham Bell and that is just talk. Nothing more complex or anything simpler, talk with out the network hissing in our ear or us having to worry about the connection suddenly getting dropped, no worries in the back of our head saying that damn this conversation has gone on so long I think my battery might be dying.

The mental freedom and peace that a fixed dial telephone provides is immense. I realized that when after struggling like a gymnast to position my self the correct way in office to get a clear signal on my mobile phone I finally gave up my geekish pretensions and just used the landline and lo and behold it was like entering a completely different world of crisp clarity and clear communication.

So taking all that into account and while still realizing that its days are numbered I salute you oh humble landline, Live for as long as you can cause you certainly make my life much easier.

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Random Ramblings # 40 – Finally Eating Healthier

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Have finally begun eating healthier, something I wanted to do since a long time and the waistline sneaking up to 36 has finally scared me into doing it. There are other ancillary benefits of course such as looking better for my cousin’s wedding in November which is being held in Bangkok 😀

Doing it primarily to take care of my health though, have diabetes from both sides of my family i.e. my mothers and my dads with my mama ( maternal uncle) contracting it early on, my grandfather also had a heart disease so need to be extra careful about that.

The diet regime I am currently following is

Breakfast: 1 Bowl Muesli with milk
Lunch : Either 2 rotis with sabzi ( The healthiest one I can find in the food court, usually something soya or cottage cheese based)/ 2 Glasses of Proteinex to keep me going.

Dinner: It’s what ever mom has made at home and contributes heavily to healthy balanced eating as well as a few calories as the rest of the day my intake is quite low.
Snacks (Morning and Evening) : It depends actually either Green tea or Proteinex with a biscuit or two ( Biscuits being Marie biscuits)

I know it isn’t the ideal plan with a lot of discrepancies and faults but its the best one I could come up with for now and will I think at least allow me to get my weight in check for now, lets hope it does.

Wish me the best till then 😀

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Random Ramblings # 39 – Playing Catch up

I feel like I’m always playing catch up in my life… catching up to the people from school, the people from Kota and subsequently IIT, people who just graduated out from college and are doing really well for themselves.. Just constantly trying to figure out how to be part of the ‘It’ crowd again, the one which knows where it is and where it has to go.

I measure these things in a huge variety of ways, be it monetarily, what people are doing or have done academically or career wise. I constantly feel that I am under achieving in each and every sector and that keeps bringing me down. Keeps making me feel like I lost the plot somewhere and that just sucks.

Looking forward I have a plan but I’m not really sure if that is what I want to do with my life, I mean yeah I love the markets and finance etc etc but for life? I’m not sure, I don’t really know. Granted I’m trying (barely) for CFA and have to get out of Accenture by the end of June next year, that however is the only thing I have got clear in my head at this point of time. Been trying to read the book The 7 habits of highly effective people by Steven Covey and it certainly helps, let’s just hope it continues to do so, keep falling asleep in the middle of the damn thing, (listening to it on audio book so reading is inaccurate) .

It talks about being happier with ones self and the things one can control cause they are the ones which make a difference and how important it is to see ones self in a positive light and it has definitely helped.

As for how I’m going to play catch up I don’t really know for now. Have a small kernel of a plan in my mind lets just hope it grows into something substantial and helps in the long run.

Heres to a positive future. Cheers.

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Random Ramblings # 38 – The human touch

Recently I came across JLo’s latest music video on Youtube titled ‘Papi’ and the starting scene of the video struck me, it is a very simple thing of a person handing Jennifer Lopez her mail instead of it just being there for her in her home or where ever. This leads to some conversation and actions which is what the whole video is about but that’s beside the point I’m trying to make right now.

What struck me was the remarkable lack of human contact that is beginning to permeate into our societies these days and how disconnected we are getting from each other, how the digital highways are actually making us interact less and less.

But the thought that popped into my head wasn’t whether the social networking scene should be burned at the stake and abolished ( too much of a tech lover for that) however what I did think about is whether people would actually be willing to pay a little extra for a human touch, someone they can interact with or converse with once in a while, not something which just takes in a cold pre programmed set of commands and gives us a built in response. I mean would we want the day of mail room clerks and Door men and Lift men to really be revived again? Is it those things which matter and make a top executive pay more? Just a thought

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Average Opinions 3- Force Review- Not so forceful

Movie Poster for Force Just saw the movie Force first day last show and came away slightly underwhelmed but not unhappy over all. I mean it’s a good watch if you’re a young guy who can handle all the gore and violence involved, but for some one of the fairer sex or the older more gore averse members of our society will find this one which they can safely avoid.

The movie has a plot which while being slightly typical good versus evil is presented in quite a relevant context by involving drugs as the back drop.

The stars of the film though are clearly John Abraham and the villain of the movie the new comer Vikas, Genelia looks a more mature version of her cuter self and I am personally biased towards liking her and she doesn’t disappoint me at least. he rest of the supporting cast is really good with the exception of Raj Bubbar who looks dead in my honest opinion, special mentions for Mohnish Bhel and Sandhya Mridul.

I loved the music of the movie and the song shot in the desert is going to be on my playlist for a long time to come.

Coming to the story the story is one of John’s character fighting the good fight the fearless cop fighting the drug trade with a small cohesive unit and coming up trumps till he realises that he has been double crossed and the villany begins from then on. This leads to quite a few non typical Indian film moments in the film which were particularly to my liking. The editing could have been tighter, with the movie being perhaps 15-20 minutes too long over all and the love story could certainly have been presented in a more mature fashion, but I guess in the end its a Bollywood movie what do you expect right. The last half hour in my gore adapted mind was the best of the whole movie but I leave it up to you to interpret it as you see fit.

Over all though the movie lacked a sort of connect with the audience as a whole which will work against it, but it will work with the young male ( maybe). So to the movie ‘Force’ I give ** 1/2 (Two and a half stars)

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