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Random Ramblings # 36 – Too scared

A thought just ran through my mind about my future… yes I have come up with this grand goal of getting my CFA degree etc etc…  but I’m wondering how well does this tie in with what I want to do with my life?
Everyone who knows me knows that eventually I want to start my own business… Had a couple of large scale ideas in my head but I’m not that well funded or connected to pull those of in the first place…
And everybody says that you know what son you need to specialise in something in these uncertain times so that you always have something to fall back on…
I agree with their logic completely and that’s kind of the reason I want to earn the CFA charter (long way to go I know) and maybe even I might have second thoughts again after the second level or something… but one thing is for sure that in my mind this will help me get an Mba and that is something I really want to do….

AARGH!!!! My mind is bouncing all over the place one side to another day it is irritating me…  but one thing is for sure I’m scared and unsure about what to do but am going forward with it anyways… lets just see how the chips fall cause I’m young and have a lot of time to make mistakes… but this expelling of emotions felt nice… expect more along the way


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