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Random Ramblings # 35 – Never too late

My last post focused on how we always have an extra ordinary amount of clarity when we look back at life… this hones our intuition and gut instinct and makes us better overall… 
In a similar vein I want to look forward now to the things I wish to see myself doing in the next year….
I see myself giving the CFA exam next June
I see myself preparing for CAT 2012
I see myself enjoying my sister’s wedding to the hilt cause its the only one she’s ever going to have
I see myself buying a new phone for my dad cause no one deserves one more
I see myself finally showing my mother that all her trust in me was worth it
I see myself kick starting my brain again its rusted away for too long
I see myself finally making a breathtaking cake which has everyone licking their fingers all on my own

I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to do all this but I have heard of the saying that imagining yourself there is half the battle won

So cheers to positive thinking and my future… see you at the finish line.


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