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Random Ramblings # 34 – Rear View Mirror

I think there is this effect all of us experience at some point of our life when we look back at any event of our life no matter how big or small, I like to refer to it as the ‘Rear View Effect’, a unique brilliant insight which we tend to get into a matter which makes us believe that the last few minutes spent by us looking back and analyzing the past has made us infinitely smarter and better adjusted human beings in this world today.

I got this feeling this time when my aunt just very casually asked me whether I ever regretted not taking up commerce and staying in Mumbai. Almost instantly my mind goes in to flashback mode ( Was driving at the time do the flashback was a very very quick one) and started going over things which happened because of Manipal and my engineering education years Kota included and the short answer is yes ask me to answer right then and there and yup I do regret it very much, lost out on joining school and living the cathedral life for 2 more years, lost out on staying at home and definitely spent a lot more of my parents money than was necessary for the path I currently find my self on. On thinking about it a little more though my mind started to ruminate and question the answers I had given in a snap judgement.

So many thoughts so little time

Would I have ever become this independent and open if I was in school?
Would I have made such an awesome set of friends from all over the world ?
Would I have been able to truly understand what it is to do things on my own if I wasn’t in a hostel for four years?
Would the values my parents ingrained in me tested as much if I was here?
Would I have met the most amazing girl and felt so secure with her?
These and so may more questions have no answer and can only be answered in the maybe and leave a lingering doubt about the true regrets one has when one experiences the rear view effect, however I do feel that more time playing video games in school might have made me more social no matter what everyone else says.

Just something to think about tell me what you guys think in the comments below and share your rear view effect moments if any.

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