Random Ramblings # 37 – Big dreams

When I was younger, I was always told that aim for the best,  the most unachievable thing like the top of the class or the first in a competition or any thing like that, however as a typical young boy I never listened.
Always assuming that its something our parents just tell us to push us harder and we in our heads go ‘Bull shit I’m not going to let them say what they want, old senile people’. OK maybe not so harsh but definitely a similar meaning one did go through all our heads.
Now however I’m beginning to realise that they were absolutely correct. If I never aim too high then I’m not even going to be able to get the prize at second best.
Which is why this late into my adolescent life I have decided to go for it all, in a mad push.
I’m trying for my CFA level one and MBA all in the same year.
I can already here the cries of impossible ringing in my head coming from the most pessimistic part of my mind, the strong partnership however says push yourself cause you have nothing to loose and everything to gain.
Look at Anna hazare he pushed himself at 74 and brought the parliament to their knees, so what excuse can you a young chap have to not live up to your potential and promise or at least try the hardest.

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Random Ramblings # 36 – Too scared

A thought just ran through my mind about my future… yes I have come up with this grand goal of getting my CFA degree etc etc…  but I’m wondering how well does this tie in with what I want to do with my life?
Everyone who knows me knows that eventually I want to start my own business… Had a couple of large scale ideas in my head but I’m not that well funded or connected to pull those of in the first place…
And everybody says that you know what son you need to specialise in something in these uncertain times so that you always have something to fall back on…
I agree with their logic completely and that’s kind of the reason I want to earn the CFA charter (long way to go I know) and maybe even I might have second thoughts again after the second level or something… but one thing is for sure that in my mind this will help me get an Mba and that is something I really want to do….

AARGH!!!! My mind is bouncing all over the place one side to another day it is irritating me…  but one thing is for sure I’m scared and unsure about what to do but am going forward with it anyways… lets just see how the chips fall cause I’m young and have a lot of time to make mistakes… but this expelling of emotions felt nice… expect more along the way

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Random Ramblings # 35 – Never too late

My last post focused on how we always have an extra ordinary amount of clarity when we look back at life… this hones our intuition and gut instinct and makes us better overall… 
In a similar vein I want to look forward now to the things I wish to see myself doing in the next year….
I see myself giving the CFA exam next June
I see myself preparing for CAT 2012
I see myself enjoying my sister’s wedding to the hilt cause its the only one she’s ever going to have
I see myself buying a new phone for my dad cause no one deserves one more
I see myself finally showing my mother that all her trust in me was worth it
I see myself kick starting my brain again its rusted away for too long
I see myself finally making a breathtaking cake which has everyone licking their fingers all on my own

I’m not sure how I’m going to be able to do all this but I have heard of the saying that imagining yourself there is half the battle won

So cheers to positive thinking and my future… see you at the finish line.

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Random Ramblings # 34 – Rear View Mirror

I think there is this effect all of us experience at some point of our life when we look back at any event of our life no matter how big or small, I like to refer to it as the ‘Rear View Effect’, a unique brilliant insight which we tend to get into a matter which makes us believe that the last few minutes spent by us looking back and analyzing the past has made us infinitely smarter and better adjusted human beings in this world today.

I got this feeling this time when my aunt just very casually asked me whether I ever regretted not taking up commerce and staying in Mumbai. Almost instantly my mind goes in to flashback mode ( Was driving at the time do the flashback was a very very quick one) and started going over things which happened because of Manipal and my engineering education years Kota included and the short answer is yes ask me to answer right then and there and yup I do regret it very much, lost out on joining school and living the cathedral life for 2 more years, lost out on staying at home and definitely spent a lot more of my parents money than was necessary for the path I currently find my self on. On thinking about it a little more though my mind started to ruminate and question the answers I had given in a snap judgement.

So many thoughts so little time

Would I have ever become this independent and open if I was in school?
Would I have made such an awesome set of friends from all over the world ?
Would I have been able to truly understand what it is to do things on my own if I wasn’t in a hostel for four years?
Would the values my parents ingrained in me tested as much if I was here?
Would I have met the most amazing girl and felt so secure with her?
These and so may more questions have no answer and can only be answered in the maybe and leave a lingering doubt about the true regrets one has when one experiences the rear view effect, however I do feel that more time playing video games in school might have made me more social no matter what everyone else says.

Just something to think about tell me what you guys think in the comments below and share your rear view effect moments if any.

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Average Opinions 2 – Aarakshan Review

Poster of Aarakshan

Movie Poster of Aarakshan

It’s an issue that we guys have been hearing about since quite a while ‘Reservation’ aka Aarakshan and this what the makers of this film would have one believe that this film is all about, how callously then they mus guide the poor public into believing the movie is all about that issue and nothing else.

The movie ends up dealing with 2 primary issues instead of the one singular focus which seems to be promised by the title of the film and this is where one feels the movie loses its focus. From my point of view in a purely personal capacity I have truly enjoyed Prakash Jha‘s movies before  Gangajal and Raajneeti, however with this movie his grip seems to be slipping, the free and natural looking performances he seemed to have obtained from the massive number of actors he has dealt with seems to be lost here, so does his innate ability to hold on to a single thread story wise which makes the film feel like 2 different movies badly stitched together some how with the cast and crew remarkably remaining the same throughout.

The movie deals with the issue of reservation quite obviously but manages to make a detour on the way to the issue of coaching classes and the negative impact they have(by no means a small issue) and somehow or the other manages to get so wrapped up in it that it seems to forget the main emphasis of the movie and decides to become self-indulgent and preachy in that vein instead of scurrying back to the real point which was being discussed. This is a movie in which one is made to feel that the director went for a popcorn break in the middle of the movie and in the line waiting overheard a conversation about coaching classes and decided that it excited him more so be prepared to mentally switch gears from the first half to the second.

Performance wise Amitabh Bachchan as always is really good diving in to the character head first and delivering his lines in a way that only some one of his experience and ability can, Prateik Bubbar is completely lost amongst the other power houses of talent present and his acting looks like that of a deer caught in headlights, Deepika Padukone is good, Saif Ali Khan with his rock star good looks and noble presence is miscast as the poor little dalit kid and I think a role reversal between him and Prateik would have been good, Manoj Bajpai as always proves him self to be a damn good character artiste and slips into the role perfectly.

Really wanted to love this film and reservation is a topic which I too have a lot of doubts and opinions about, but this film clearly forgets to give a verdict or even the slight hint of an opinion and hides under a far less explosive topic till the end.

All in all this film disappointed big time and maybe for some one with lowered expectations it would have been a good if slightly muddled watch

Rating :**1/2* out of *****

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Average Opinions 1 – Chanakya’s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi

Cover of Chanakya's Chant

Cover of the Book

Finally started my reading habit again and it makes me feel good but that’s a topic for another time.

This one is about my opinion of the book Chanakya‘s Chant by Ashwin Sanghi. Let me get the short version out first: Its above good but not great,shows the great promise of the writer but lets reserve true judgement till I’ve read a few more of his books.

The book is one of my first books which involve intermingling the narratives of the past and the present into one intertwined with a common character throughout but it was quite an enjoyable experience for m, an engaging one which kept my mind occupied through out.

I’m not a purist who worries about every single character in the book but I did notice that Chandragupta‘s character was left a tad under done, I kept expecting him to take a slightly more dominant role in the story but he was left looking more like an obedieant dog who listens only to hismasters words and does exactly as told but I guess that was the point of the entire book to show to the reader how exactly dominant, manipulative and controlling Chanakya actually was but it still left me feeling a little queasy.

With respect to every thing else about the book I loved Chandinis story and the revelation which comes in the form of the letter right at the end provides a very nicely rounded off end to the tale. The action was fast paced without being muddled and all the material handled sensitively.

All in all I give it a *** out of *****

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