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Random Ramblings # 33- Almost home

Been waiting for this to happen since a long long time… finally after a lot of waiting and many many years of being away from my mommas lap my head will finally reclaim its rightful place from that useless sister of mine( Just kidding I love you sis πŸ™‚ )

There are so many benefits of being close to home that it makes me giddy just thinking about them in the first place

1) My own bed!!! I can’t stress this fact enough cause recently the sloth in me has awoken and the beds at home are some of the best i have used in a long time
2) My girlfriend is close by – Yay!!! that sums it all I guess
3) Some of my closest friends both the ones I have made through my girl and the ones from before are all in Mumbai and I will finally be able to spend some semblance of quality time with them(rather than just weekend stolen away)
3) My mommas food- πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ the smiles should say it all but may make a bigger effect when I say they come from my stomach and not my face, lemme explain this a little further, I being a jain have lots of time when certain food item( yes I’m looking at you potato you handsome thing) can’t be consumed in my house, even then my wizard of a mother manages to bash flavor which even the top chefs and master chefs of the world gave up on a long time ago and creates lip smacking mouth-watering fantabulous meals outta thin air πŸ™‚
4) My kitchen A budding amateur chef my self my kitchen is one of the places where I find absolute peace amidst all the chaos of cooking and after numerous nights salivating at recipes I’ve found online and the worlds best sous chef my momma by my side, I am sure of only one thing my girlfriend and friends alike should be prepared to adda few inches to their waistlines soon enough.
5) Books!!! – A legacy left to me by my granddad in the form of boxes upon boxes of old and new musty books I’m going to rediscover my love for them after a cruel break 6 years ago and be ware libraries of Mumbai I’m on the prowl again(I’m not going to make my poor da pay 10k in books again and that was 2005 imagine the bomb he would have to pay now!)

With all this ahead of me every time someone congratulates me for getting Mumbai I do a little dance in my head πŸ˜€Β  and look forward to it..

Just 2 more thorns lie in the road ahead with 2 inhumane tests but well we never gained something without a little pain did we? so bring it on.. cause the only song in my head right now is

“I’m coming home, I’m coming home!!!” Hmm da dum da dum!!



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