Random Ramblings # 32- I Need my HP fix again

Saw the latest harry potter movie this sunday and I was impressed. 90% of what lord of the rings the movies did for that literary epic is what david yates has accomplished in this cinematic endeavour.

What made it even more special for me was that for the first time in a long long time a movie made me actually want to go back and read the whole series again. Cause the movie shouted out to me in so many ways that yes we know we can’t show you everything in the book and maybe not in the same way cause there is no better canvas than the human mind but god damn it we are trying and respect that.

A lot of people had an issue with the last scene being too childlike and not fitting into the flow of the whole movie, to those people i say that even in the book i felt that it was there only to infuse a little lightness, a little breath of silliness before signing off from al the drama which had gone on before but i guess that’s just my opinion.

However it reaffirmed one thing i had been feeling since a long time I NEED to revisit my childhood classic novels again and once again lose my self into worlds where hope abounds and no odds are too insurmountable, cause I as a person need to constantly be reminded of those values lest i begin to take my self too seriously and forget what it is to take a few risks and live life with out a constant look at the future.

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