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Random Ramblings # 29- Hard Things

There are many things which we face difficulty with in life but I guess the strength of ones character truly comes through when one faces them… Its kinda with this intention that i started this post.. haven’t been facing any great difficulty in case any one jumps to that easy conclusion.. it’s just been difficult getting stuff out of my head and onto this little blog that I started a long time back.. so it’s with the goal that facing difficulties can only make us stronger that I’m trying to post a challenge to my self.

Aah a challenge in the air and everyone’s ears perk up don’t they! well here it is laid out bare for everyone to here… It’s a fairly simple one on the face of it but the challenge lies in the execution so lets see how well it goes…

I challenge my self to write about the varied thoughts that go through my head at least once a day…

There aren’t many rules but here are a few(cause whats the point of a challenge if it doesn’t even justify the word??)

1) The post should try to explain the point being raised
2) While the point doesn’t have to be original or completely unrelated it does have to build on an idea I have spoken of earlier and add some value.. Basically I can’t just rehash what I’ve said and gargle it out like recycled vomit(cause really has vomit appealed to any one ever??)
3) There is no length restriction cause I know that putting one on my self really won’t help.. but even if it is just a twitter post I’m putting.. I have to begin it with a new Random Ramblings title or something else if I ever think of anything meaningful to attach to the start of my posts

Will try to think up other rules but for now these are it.. simple straight forward and easy to follow.. might allow me to un clog the jam of thoughts in my head.. I just hope I get to use the app on my phone a little more cause otherwise even this simple one is going to be hell to pull off!!!


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