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Random Ramblings #28- Scaredy Cat

The way my brain feels right now

Been feeling really nervous since the last few days about my future and am taking it out the way I find best….

What have I been nervous about absolutely EVERYTHING!!!!

These are the questions running through my mind at breakneck speed right now:
1) I wasn’t able to crack IIT is CAT or for that matter any MBA entrance exam going to work out for me?
2) By working in Accenture is it goign to screw up my chances even more?
3) Should I stick it out in Accenture for 2-3 years?
4) How the hell will I discipline myself for CAT this year?
5) I want more money!!!!
6) How bad are my acads? Will it affect my MBA prospects??

that feels better, you know there is just something about putting everything down in writing !

Well now that I feel better off to pondering about the future and working hard at it!!


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