Random Ramblings #26- May days

Glancing at the calender I see that march is almost over and April is littered with holidays so should pass by in just the blink of an eye….
That makes my mind wander to the promise that may and June hold….
Finally a period in my life where there will be precious little to do… a time when merely mentioning the possibility for waking up late day after day and still not having to worry about attendance or projects or any other crap…. aah the thought it self warms my heart…
It’s a well deserved break in my opinion…? Having being shuttles from school to the iit factory kota and then the tension of which college and competitive exam results. overwhelming the few days of respite we got…

This is going to be the last chance for me to truly relax before the daily grind encapsulates me…
Let’s hope I make the best of it in any way possible…


One thought on “Random Ramblings #26- May days

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