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Random Ramblings #25- Times just flown by

There is a feeling coursing through me that I’m finding really hard to capture into words… its one which is tinged with a shade of sadness but not sad in its entirety

Recently I took a long hard look at college life and i was satisfied with all that I had done when I took a very shallow look at the past four years, however sitting back and taking a harder more critical look I realized that I have let a lot of goals pass through the cracks, lost in the constant stream of assignments, fests and other activities which make up any well rounded college life

But there are always a few things which every person has, those things which they want to do or achieve just because they admire someone who has done it , to make them a more rounded person overall or any other conceivable reason one can think of but the things I talk about are more deep rooted than say going to a concert and saying hell yeah I’m going to learn the guitar (or maybe for some that may actually be the case) but I guess you get my drift…

So I have now decided to start listing them all and cross them off one by one kind of in the vein of a bucket list yet not that tragic or with that big a timeline in my mind, I am only 21 you know, these things however will be tackled one by one and hopefully not abandoned in the middle however if they cease to interest me or  seem uneccesary then i may just leave them mid way….

(This list will be continuously modified, added to, pruned and prodded so never expect it to remain the same)

1) Learn how to play chess
2) Finish the book Brain Power (Actually do the 12 weeks properly)
3) Cook a perfect risotto
4) Learn tennis
5) Visit Australia and New Zealand
6) Contribute to the Khan Academy
7) Visit Las Vegas

so this is the list so far… keep checking back for changes…..


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