Random Ramblings #24- English Shminglish

My command of the english language has taken a definite beating in these past four years, primarily due to a lack of motivation from my side to actively engage my mind by reading quality english the way it was imbibed in all us cathedralites during our school years itself. The only path for redemption ahead in this respect has two difficult tasks on it. Firstly I must try and spew out as many blog posts as I can while at the same time try to keep them coherent and the english not only readable but of a constantly improving standard, difficult yes impossible no as I truly believe my grasp of the language has not slipped that much that I wouldn’t be able to recognise whether the kind of english I am actually putting out is of a passable quality or not. The second thing along this path is to start reading the classic authors like Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe etc. this is so that I am once again exposed to a sublime quality of the written word and once I become used to such writings Im sure my command would improve once again.

How far this succeeds and how far I take it is unknown to me, lets see what happens but for now the main thing is that I have started trying to write more and at the same time Pride and Prejudice has been placed on my reading list, a difficult read it is but a deliciously delightful one at that.


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