Life log

Random Ramblings #21- Addictions

A few days back I had a conversation with a close friend regarding his smoking and the conversation revealed that yes he is hooked now and that it would be a great challenge for him to completely give it up.
Other things more pertinent at that time filled my thoughts and this particular nuggets just faded away.
However yesterday seeing some one on the road smoking suddenly brought the dialogue back to the forefront and got me thinking back to a conversation I had with a whole group of these guys just when they had started out.

All of them had the same opinion at that point of time,  that they wouldn’t allow it to become an addiction and that it was just to try it out was they were having too few for it to seriously affect them, as the years rolled by the number and frequency have increased to the point at which they are today.

This got me thinking about the very nature of these thing and how they work.

I guess in most cases it all starts out the same where people believe they are completely in control but slowly that control is lost in such a gradual fashion that the person never truely realises when his will power has been eroded away, this seems to happen more in a few substances than others but i believe that it can happen with anything if you over do it cause the human psyche is just hard wired that way.

And now that the dependency has been created its hard to let it go cause it makes the person ‘comfortable’ it releases those magic little hormones called endorphins which make everything seem ok, Its not just the common vices though which can turn into addictions it can be things as varied as over exercising or listening to the same rap song every single day, they all just vary in how harmful they are.

These dependencies are there and we cant escape them, in fact i guess to survive normally in this world we all need our little indulgences to let go and to just escape but i guess its up to us now to keep them in check and to decide which ones to choose..

Just a little food for thought…


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