Random Ramblings #19- BitterSweet

Learnt a lot of lessons today from one of the cruelest teachers in the world, Experience.

Lemme explain, as anybody who knows me in the slightest would know I adore food and cooking and the buzz of the kitchen, I like making food, eating it and serving it, cause i believe that it brings a nice warmth to the whole family when you sit around a large table eating food chit chatting away.

Started off today fired up to make these realy delicious sounding nutella biscuits I had found the recipe of online on one of my topchef favs, Fabio Viviani’s website and decided to take it for a spin,
and oh boy they were a disaster, and this after following the recipe to the T and also trying to tweak it incase that would help and that left me a little sad inside, cause I was taking photos and making notes so that i could blog about my own version of the dish cooked in indian circumstances but all that turned to naught.

Then out of nowhere my mom starts asking me to help her around and that love of cooking just sucks me right back in, I start pottering about in the kitchen, learning from my mom just how basic things in the kitchen are done, and inspiration strikes, we have these beautiful baby asparagus spears at home brought all the way from Hong Kong by my aunt cause I’ve been taking about what to do with them since a while and the spirit of experimentation starts once again, so here I am blogging away as my spears boil and dreaming up another hopeful dish but as I step back from the stove I realise that today experience taught me two very basic things, that firstly learning from experienced people is always better and that take a failure on your chin cause the next ‘recipe’ for success might be just around the corner


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