Life log

Random Ramblings #18

I’ve been wondering since the past few days about the fact that my intention to start this blog was to truly put my self out there for the world to see and judge but in a kind of abstract way likened in a sense to maybe a man in a mask, where everyone can see and judge his actions but only that cause no one really knows who this person is so that this person has all the freedom and in a manner of speaking the power to actually view people’s reactions and judgements to the way he behaves or the thoughts passing through his head and pass judgement in an equally anonymous way.

This kind of  goal seems to be all hunky dory(at least in my mind) from the outside, you know with me trying to really better myself in the long run and to see whether any one shares the same views that i do or has any opinions out there.

But then I just finished typing out my last post and I came to the publicize button and that got me thinking, that this plan is flawed in many ways(doesn’t mean I’m going to change it but lets see where this goes yes?), the first of these is that well due to a lack of habit or ability to find them or sheer bad luck (I’m not sure which) I’ve never been able to find regular joe blogs.  Period.  And if you cant find them you can’t follow them and believe me I do have a slight inclination towards finding them because I do know how to operate the follow button and affix the blog to my google reader account so that I can keep myself updated, so the thought that passes through my head which I am certain is going to plague my thoughts for a while to come is two faceted in itself, one how do i go out there and follow more blogs of the kind I write and secondly how do I start writing so that my blog too isn’t one of those blogs just adrift
another one of the things which is flawed with my plan is how I can ever hope to popularize my blog if I have made the firm decision not to publicize my blog on the two most powerful social networks I am a part of( i.e. facebook and twitter) I do this so that I have freedom in what I write but seeing the low number of views on the blog I’m wondering whether I should change that policy, it will mean i guess making my already slightly cryptic style of writing even more so but i guess it’s a required move another thing I might think about

These two were the major flaws in my plan, along with the smaller ones like no imagery and media embedding because I can’t for the life of me figure out what to put up every single time, but one thing I promise to start is to start giving my opinions on current events and things that interest me and hopefully some other, and I will certainly continue with my Random Ramblings set of titles but I may just routinely change them up a bit with an added short description if I can come up with one….

Lets see how things go…Cause its a new life every minute we decide to live it yes 🙂 😀


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