Random Ramblings #24- English Shminglish

My command of the english language has taken a definite beating in these past four years, primarily due to a lack of motivation from my side to actively engage my mind by reading quality english the way it was imbibed in all us cathedralites during our school years itself. The only path for redemption ahead in this respect has two difficult tasks on it. Firstly I must try and spew out as many blog posts as I can while at the same time try to keep them coherent and the english not only readable but of a constantly improving standard, difficult yes impossible no as I truly believe my grasp of the language has not slipped that much that I wouldn’t be able to recognise whether the kind of english I am actually putting out is of a passable quality or not. The second thing along this path is to start reading the classic authors like Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe etc. this is so that I am once again exposed to a sublime quality of the written word and once I become used to such writings Im sure my command would improve once again.

How far this succeeds and how far I take it is unknown to me, lets see what happens but for now the main thing is that I have started trying to write more and at the same time Pride and Prejudice has been placed on my reading list, a difficult read it is but a deliciously delightful one at that.


Random Ramblings # 23- Fair Usage Policy = Unfair Policy

These days the trend amongst all the major ISPs and Internet providers other than the state run organizations is the fact that all of them have a fine print associated with their so called unlimited plans, in very fine print under the brightly coloured billboards there will be written conditions apply.

As a normal consumer you may begin to wonder how the hell can conditions apply when its clearly stated “Unlimited”. On closer inspection these sneaky lilttle conditions show that these companies are now implementing what they are terming as “FUP” or “Fair Usage Policy” where they offer you the high speed that you paid for and exect only uptil a certain data transfer following which they promptly will reduce your speed to nearly unusable speeds while retaining the moniker of Unlimited by not restricting your download limit, but common sense does beget the question does it not that if the speed is almost unusable then what is the point of offering a supposedly unlimited plan in the first case ?

The companies argument on this matter has a clear common thread whenever they are interviewed on this matter, they all say that this is being done to preserve the quality of the experience of using the network for all the customers as only a very small portion of the users are actually heavy users. Which in my opinion is just PR jargon for our backend systems will not be able to handle the load of actually delivering an unlimited experience and we don’t think the Indian market is worth enough to actually invest the huge sums required to pull it off.

Though as a constantly net connected citizen one does wonder that in the age of Facebook with its various applications, games and video sharing features, twitter with its constant stream of updates, youtube with its endless library of videos about everything under the sun and the hundreds of thousands of sites with highly interactive and interesting interfaces which are all data hogs can the ISPs actually afford to mislead the public in such a way and where in the blazes is the TRAI when all this is going on? Why don’t they crack down on these operators for this the same way they did with the Mobile Operators when the 1p/sec scheme was launched? Agreed that India is still a very nascent internet market which by no ways can be compared with other developed nations such as UK, South Korea or Japan but one must always consider the fact that nascent markets are the ones which have the potential to grow the most and offer the highest rewards if one times ones entry correctly and strategy correctly at the same time though this has the highest potential of backfiring when archaic policies are utilised by the companies involved because they feel that the market is small enough to be controlled by them and manipulated according to their demands as it might just set the country back by a few more years instead of propelling it into the future.

In the end though it is the end consumer who decides the path that these giants take as in the end consumer choice and demand is what they have to serve above all else so till that changes and we stand up for ourselves and demand it from them things are not going to change, The choice is ours lets see which one India makes in the days to come.


Random Ramblings #22- MOVIES!!!!!!!! :) Part 1

Just realised a few days back that there is an awesome selection of my anticipated movies which will be coming out soon…..

First there is the long awaited X-Men First Class

Then there is I Am Number Four which looks really interesting

Hall Pass with its story about two guys given complete freedom looks delectable to me… lets hope it delivers

The Adjustment Bureau is another one which looks amazing… espionage dramas usually are arent they?

Aliens invading earth-check
Marines acting like heros-check
Movie anticipation-check
Battle: Los Angeles is one im surely waiting for

Release Date: 11th March

Mars Needs Moms is im sure going to provoke more than a few guffaws with the audience

Release Date: 11th March

The Lincoln Lawyer seems interesting, lets see if McConaughey can deliver

Release Date: 18th March

Sucker Punch is one from the stable of one of my favourite directors Zack Snyder of 300 fame,
plus girls in tight leather fighting in a bad ass fashion? one please!

Release Date:25th March

Source Code with Jake Gyllenhall has a super interesting premise.

Release Date:1st April

Hop an animated movie on the Easter bunny promises to ooze cuteness

Release Date:1st April

Hanna set in espionage world might turn out to be an interesting watch

Release Date:8th April

Arthur set to release around the same time has real life former crazy boy Russel Brand and Hellen Mirren and is one to look forward to

Release Date:8th April

Rio from the director of the first three Ice Ages is creating buzz from now itself and has a tie in with angry birds too

Release Date:15th April

The April 29th weekend is packed to the gills with both Prom and Fast Five releasing then


Thats all till the end of april guys next few months in the next post 😀 enjoy the trailers till then 🙂



Life log

Random Ramblings #21- Addictions

A few days back I had a conversation with a close friend regarding his smoking and the conversation revealed that yes he is hooked now and that it would be a great challenge for him to completely give it up.
Other things more pertinent at that time filled my thoughts and this particular nuggets just faded away.
However yesterday seeing some one on the road smoking suddenly brought the dialogue back to the forefront and got me thinking back to a conversation I had with a whole group of these guys just when they had started out.

All of them had the same opinion at that point of time,  that they wouldn’t allow it to become an addiction and that it was just to try it out was they were having too few for it to seriously affect them, as the years rolled by the number and frequency have increased to the point at which they are today.

This got me thinking about the very nature of these thing and how they work.

I guess in most cases it all starts out the same where people believe they are completely in control but slowly that control is lost in such a gradual fashion that the person never truely realises when his will power has been eroded away, this seems to happen more in a few substances than others but i believe that it can happen with anything if you over do it cause the human psyche is just hard wired that way.

And now that the dependency has been created its hard to let it go cause it makes the person ‘comfortable’ it releases those magic little hormones called endorphins which make everything seem ok, Its not just the common vices though which can turn into addictions it can be things as varied as over exercising or listening to the same rap song every single day, they all just vary in how harmful they are.

These dependencies are there and we cant escape them, in fact i guess to survive normally in this world we all need our little indulgences to let go and to just escape but i guess its up to us now to keep them in check and to decide which ones to choose..

Just a little food for thought…


Random Ramblings #20-Valentines Eve

There are times in peoples lives when they realize that they have a good thing going for them and I guess for me tonight provides that sort of clarity, in the crisp spring night air.

As I see it I have a loving and caring family, an amazing set of friends all around me and a brilliant girl by my side.

Other than world peace I’m not really sure I can ask for more and on the eve of this Valentines I have to say, dogammit why do I have to only tell my girlfriend I love her….

Heres to everyone special and dear to me and the world at large I LOVE YOU!!!!! lets hope things only improve from here on 😀


Random Ramblings #19- BitterSweet

Learnt a lot of lessons today from one of the cruelest teachers in the world, Experience.

Lemme explain, as anybody who knows me in the slightest would know I adore food and cooking and the buzz of the kitchen, I like making food, eating it and serving it, cause i believe that it brings a nice warmth to the whole family when you sit around a large table eating food chit chatting away.

Started off today fired up to make these realy delicious sounding nutella biscuits I had found the recipe of online on one of my topchef favs, Fabio Viviani’s website and decided to take it for a spin,
and oh boy they were a disaster, and this after following the recipe to the T and also trying to tweak it incase that would help and that left me a little sad inside, cause I was taking photos and making notes so that i could blog about my own version of the dish cooked in indian circumstances but all that turned to naught.

Then out of nowhere my mom starts asking me to help her around and that love of cooking just sucks me right back in, I start pottering about in the kitchen, learning from my mom just how basic things in the kitchen are done, and inspiration strikes, we have these beautiful baby asparagus spears at home brought all the way from Hong Kong by my aunt cause I’ve been taking about what to do with them since a while and the spirit of experimentation starts once again, so here I am blogging away as my spears boil and dreaming up another hopeful dish but as I step back from the stove I realise that today experience taught me two very basic things, that firstly learning from experienced people is always better and that take a failure on your chin cause the next ‘recipe’ for success might be just around the corner

Life log

Random Ramblings #18

I’ve been wondering since the past few days about the fact that my intention to start this blog was to truly put my self out there for the world to see and judge but in a kind of abstract way likened in a sense to maybe a man in a mask, where everyone can see and judge his actions but only that cause no one really knows who this person is so that this person has all the freedom and in a manner of speaking the power to actually view people’s reactions and judgements to the way he behaves or the thoughts passing through his head and pass judgement in an equally anonymous way.

This kind of  goal seems to be all hunky dory(at least in my mind) from the outside, you know with me trying to really better myself in the long run and to see whether any one shares the same views that i do or has any opinions out there.

But then I just finished typing out my last post and I came to the publicize button and that got me thinking, that this plan is flawed in many ways(doesn’t mean I’m going to change it but lets see where this goes yes?), the first of these is that well due to a lack of habit or ability to find them or sheer bad luck (I’m not sure which) I’ve never been able to find regular joe blogs.  Period.  And if you cant find them you can’t follow them and believe me I do have a slight inclination towards finding them because I do know how to operate the follow button and affix the blog to my google reader account so that I can keep myself updated, so the thought that passes through my head which I am certain is going to plague my thoughts for a while to come is two faceted in itself, one how do i go out there and follow more blogs of the kind I write and secondly how do I start writing so that my blog too isn’t one of those blogs just adrift
another one of the things which is flawed with my plan is how I can ever hope to popularize my blog if I have made the firm decision not to publicize my blog on the two most powerful social networks I am a part of( i.e. facebook and twitter) I do this so that I have freedom in what I write but seeing the low number of views on the blog I’m wondering whether I should change that policy, it will mean i guess making my already slightly cryptic style of writing even more so but i guess it’s a required move another thing I might think about

These two were the major flaws in my plan, along with the smaller ones like no imagery and media embedding because I can’t for the life of me figure out what to put up every single time, but one thing I promise to start is to start giving my opinions on current events and things that interest me and hopefully some other, and I will certainly continue with my Random Ramblings set of titles but I may just routinely change them up a bit with an added short description if I can come up with one….

Lets see how things go…Cause its a new life every minute we decide to live it yes 🙂 😀

Life log

Random Ramblings #17

Its been a week (and week end) full of ups and downs and everything in between this time, with the highs being a last minute trip to bandra with my girl and her friends which turned out to be really fun, even though it was a little late by the time we made it back home compared to the time promised, my apologies to the lady who missed her movie because of the inhumanely large flow of traffic around Linking Road in the evening, there were a few scary moments and disappointments too due to my phone and computer both acting out as if an evil spirit had occupied their souls but they too were made to bend to the will of the quester and his dad 🙂

Nothing else noteworthy in terms of events has transpired…

So till later Cya

Life log, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Log

Random Ramblings #16

A little confused about how to start this post but here goes…
Been trying to read this new book I found called “The 4 hour body” by Tim Ferris, and came across it while scouring the Internet for a way to lose weight…
It seems like a well thought out and planned book but see for a vegetarian jain like me following the instructions in the book for weight loss are almost impossible…
Various reasons for this are there
Firstly the slow carb diet he mentions is almost impossible for a normal average vegetarian especially in India to follow… I mean if I follow his advice and avoid everything white and milk too much I am basically left eating air and nothing else, and cause really how much daal can a normal human being have?? And where in india am I going to find these exotic varieties of beans he wants me to eat??
My second gripe with the whole thing is that I love food and do believe that I should be able to eat as long as I exercise (though I’m having my doubts) but this book basically destroys that thought completely…
Thirdly I hate change and I would love for stuff to just remain as it is and work out in the end… But the last two are highly personal hang ups which I will have to cure on my own…
Fourthly one other major hangup region specific (meaning india) is that the methods of measuring fat percentage are just not there in india, though I like his idea of measuring total inches and may implement that my self soon…

In the other hand credit must be given for extensive research and full disclosure on all matters in the book…

But for now as a vegetarian indian for whom even eggs is restricted the weightloss search continues, but I’m happy to report that I’ve started on the two hundred sit ups program again and hope not to fall of the band wagon this time cause my sisters weddings approaches in november and looking good is a must…
More news and gyan when I get it…

Life log

Random Ramblings #15

There are a lot of times when I talk to people and they say that people are too difficult to understand…
I however take an opinion far removed from that fact because in my few years I have found that people are predictable and can be motivated within reason…
This is because the same fundamental things drive people…
Dear while I would be the first person to admit that it is a difficult task to note down the factors involved from experience I can assure you that it is possible…
As an example I would like to test my theory and state that in my opinion a certain someone will not breakup with their better half before may and if I may dare to venture a guess maybe not in June either…
Names will be anonymous to protect me from their spite… but guys lets see what happens eh??