Random ramblings #11

Joined as an intern in national chemical laboratories, pune on the eleventh and it’s been a stressful but ultimately fun last ten days…yes it’s had more than it’s fair share of mess ups and frustrations galore but in the end I guess these are all just initial problems which will soon vanish…actually I don’t guess I’m sure of it…already with getting just a few things into the home…basic things mins you it already send I have a place where I belong in my tiny little abatement which I share with for other equally rambunctious young men…

In other news I’m getting to go for dhobi ghat tomorrow for literally a pittance in one of the best theaters in town… Have prabhavg to post a full I’m depth review as soon as I’m done but lets set how that pans out (hasn’t planned it before and failed miserably)

This holidays I also plan to work on getting through a lost if hundred must read books as proposed by the bbc…lets see how many I

can get




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