Life log

Random Ramblings # 10

Last night I had a nice sounding off session with my best friend, it was about how crazily hypocritical this world is when it comes to rewarding and judging people, one one hand they say that we should work hard, study hard and do well to move up in life and be rewarded, this seems to play itself out too in everyday and even under those circumstances where people are judged against one another, like in exams or during placements.

On the other hand there is a completely different side of the world at play, a seeming yin to the yang previously discussed, it constantly harangues those who work hard with statements like ‘What man, you becoming a nerd and all’, ‘Hes been studying since forever, loser’ and so on in the same vein, what I must say though at this point is that all of us including me are all a part of this all pervasive hypocrisy, what shocks me though is the extent till which it exists and how can one possibly combat it all.

The only conclusion I can seem to come to is the fact that one needs to become like a ducks back to water, letting the worlds negative side just slide off and keep moving forward absorbing all the positivity in the world and using it to our advantage in our everyday life to finally achieve something big and pass all that positivity along….


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