Life log

Random Ramblings # 8

Smack in the middle of exams right now, my last set as an engineering student and to be honest it feels kind of weird, not the ‘EWW!! whats that?’ kind of feeling, rather one which seems to tug at the heart-strings for no apparent reason kind, I’m sure every college student who passes through this feels the same thing in the same way, so much so that it’s almost become I’m sure a feeling which binds most of the college graduates on earth together in some kind of unspoken bond of respect, acknowledgement and nostalgia when they ever mention this even amongst themselves.

At the same time though in my college specifically with half of our class men leaving this semester to train elsewhere next semester in the hopes of learning something new on this long road of life, one can sense a palpable excitement, a tad unspoken, a little bit suppressed but it’s there, showing itself when people mention the various internships and training programmes they will be indulging in.

As for me I’m here in Manipal only with a long hot semester to look forward to, one which holds a lot of promise, of mirth and hard work at the same time and opportunities too, how many are realized , how many crazy moments are sought out and realized and how many more memories are forged only time will tell, lets just hope time is kind this time around….


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