Life log

Random Ramblings # 5-A nice cup of coffee

Well right now this post is being typed out under the influence of a nice coffee buzz courtesy my best friend in a nice little ccd in manipal… the coffee date was a little unexpected… things have been a little soft as far as things between us go… but I guess that’s just part of any friendship and part of me letting go after she got a new boyfriend… has it been tough yes it has… but it finally got catalysed by a few events … yes it is hard but then most necessary things are in this world don’t you think?

And more than our friendship taking a hit I like to think of it as actually just maturing into something it should have a long time ago… a detailed analysis I guess is for another time from a bigger keyboard…

For now I’m glad to have her company… living the good times with my best friend… 🙂