Life log

Random Ramblings # 2

The difference in this world between losers and winners isn’t some predefined decision which was made for us when we entered into this world, its a decision I believe every one of us takes every single day actually every single moment that we are conscious , the smallest actions on our part have what I would like to believe to be a so called “Butterfly Effect”, but I am not part of the group which adheres to the notion that the physical acts in itself are the ones causing the cascading effects, instead I am of the mindset that this cascading effect occurs in our mind, in our sub-conscious to be specific, where every thing is ambiguous, fluid  and ever changing ; an area of the human psyche where the ripple effect is far more pronounced than anywhere else.
This seems to manifest itself in one area which is at least obvious to me which is body language, the way we behave, do certain actions;  these all fall into a certain pattern which is what lets the experts at reading body language be so good at what they do, its more I guess because of our shared DNA that basic human behavior is the same for similar circumstances…. a point to ponder that’s all…..


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