Life log


This is kinda a strange post to write for me considering that every person who knows me knows that I am one of the must unmotivated lazy people every but then today i read a post on lifehacker which said that we might be unmotivating ourselves and that got me thinking whether that might be true for me in my own life ante oddly enough even through that small little example they hasn’t their readers I realized that they were true that sometimes the only people holding us back are us itself and that we must lawn to just do it and not wait around for its to finally get motivated enough for things to happen to us cause in that case they probably never well and in their not coming along and happening therein lies the secret of us leading ourselves down the path of not being motivated so I guess all I should be saying now is that…let’s get off our butts and just do it…(just the way nike said it eh…)


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