Life log

Sick again…

It’s been a tough couple of days with me falling sick again…
Illness seems to love me it seems and that too when I’m about to leave for home… 😦
Other than that it seems like I need to get some kind of order back into my life which hasn’t been there since the last few years because now is the last chance I have to get into a schedule and out of the clutches of laziness…
So this one is dedicated to the start of a new semester in which I how to grow a lot and to learn a lot apart from partying too…
So with a reluctant smile I look forward to this sem…reluctant only because I’m leaving my lived ones behind….here’s to a brilliant sem…


Lonaval aah!!!

This weekend i headed off for a quick trip to lonavala with a few friends including my girl and let me just say that in as few words as possible it was AMAZING!!!!!

The company was brilliant in itself.. but along with that the house which we stayed at was sooooo pretty i can’t begin to describe it… pictures of the house are attached alongside…

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will try and come up with a description soon.. else.. some other time..

Life log



Well I guess the smile says it all….despite it being write an uneventful trip with us doing nothing but siting around at a friends house and one short trip down care road just bring able to spend so much time with her felt good..after a long time I finally got a good pc with my girl and its attached…hope you guys like it…


A lil “scratch that” a lot behind

This little experiment of mine has been long neglected and completely overlooked by my intense laziness and crazy brain which just refuses to do any kinf of work whenever I ask it to,
and even though it feels as if yeah this one has been neglected so let it go I think I’m not going to give up on it, cause you know what no matter what a certain part of me might think by saying that this seems like a failed effort and theree is no point investing in some thing which one has failed at I sat and thought about it today and you know what guys a thought popped into my heasd that no matter what this blog is kind of an extension of my thoughts my dreams my hopes and my aspirations, It showcases a part of me which says that no matter what i will try and be open and transparent to all those that i meet out there in the big bad world, that just the fact that i was thinking about writing this post means that I am willing put a effort into something which i have failed at in the past, so I should not consider this as an end but just the starting of maybe something new or if not that just another speedbump on the raod called life.

On that note with my new WordPress android app installed and a Cam which takes passable photos on my cell phone lets see how far this journey takes me and how it changes this blog,

No changing the blog description yet cause it is still what i hope this blog will someday be, but lets mix it up lets see how i can change how i make this work and if it will work at all

so heres to the bump traversed over.. cheers…