Weight Loss Log

Weight Loss Log:One insane day

Today was summarily insane….
I am confused as to where I should even begin…

Ok it started out with a stupid 3 hr seminar, turned into a small nibble of lunch, and then a party in which the birthday boy himself left so we were left with the task of completing the food and cake( oh my diet hates me so 😛 )
Stuffed to the tee 4 hrs of engineering drawing occurred and then a sweet 1.5 hr bike ride 🙂 😀 my best one in manipal this time….

so heres my consumption log for today…


Skipped.. cause i didnt have time, was getting late for class


1 Roti
0.5 serving Aloo Sabzi
1 Serving Corn Paneer Masala

At the restaurant I dont know how much in terms of servings but I remember the dishes
Shangai Chopsuey
Triple Schezwan
Paneer Hotpan
2 Slices Chocolate Cake

Was too full so skipped solid food the rest of the day…

Just had
1 tiny cup coffee
1 small pack of salted buttermilk…


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