Music For Today: Lots to check out

Firstly my sincerest apologies for not being regular with the weight loss log updates… its just been a crazy few days with me forgetting what I eat half the time hope to be more regular soon…

Enough with the apologies and onto the fun stuff…

The first song for today is called Nothing On You By B.O.B

Its a sweet little piece of music with  a nice mellow sound even though there is a bit of an electronica feel in the song with a few beats and a little bit of mixing thrown into it….
I like songs like this with a bit of soul and a groove you can love

Another beautiful song, up here because I hadn’t heard it in a bit and well this is to showcase all that I love right so here it is…

Breakeven by The Script don’t know much about this band but i love the way they sound with a great acoustic vibe and that mellow warm sound, perfect for the kind of weather we have been having in Manipal these days 😀 😀

The last one for now is this beautifully edged, gloriously riotously fun track called Paralyzer By Finger Eleven
A nice upbeat track with some nice sounds attached ( kinda vague I know but that is the only way I know how to describe it ok) listen in and tell me what you thought

Ok ok ok stop the presses I have to rush this out there

One of my favorite songs this year Broken Strings by James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado
Beautiful music, Beautiful Vocals all in all beautiful song…
have a listen n enjoy….:D


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