Weight Loss Log

Weight Loss Log: Day 2 (Couldnt come up with any thing better)

Well heres todays meals eaten as promised…


It was skipped due to exams, as a matter of habit I avoid eating on the till the exam on the day I have an exam as i have noticed that the tension due to exams makes me quite queamish and makes the food feel like it may rise the other way around, hence it gets avoided.


This was just after the exam which hadn’t gone as bad as expected..around 5:30 in the evening

I had

1 Serving Chinese Bhel
1 Schezwan Malsala Dosa


For dinner I had enough to satiate me but not enough to make me feel full or sleepy…

2 Rotis
1.5 Servings Veg Kofta
1 Serving Potato Subzi (Don’t really know which one but it wasnt oily atleast)
1 Serving Curd
1 Serving Dal
1 Serving Fried Rice

That was it for lunch and in the way of exercise the only exercise I had today was walking back from college after the exam (1.2 Km) and walking to the Mess for food and back (1Km total)
Didn’t take the bipedal route in the morning as I was getting late…
falling behind on my situps but today after a 4 hr exam where one has to stoop over a drawing board the energy just wasn’t there…

for now I have 2 packs of crisps in my room (120 Gms each), and most probably a coffee too…

Not sure when i will consume them.. as and when I do I will update it promise…


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