Weight Loss Log

Weight Loss Log:The very first one

As promised this is my first day writing about my food consumption and subsequent calorie burning

so here it is

LUNCH (At around 1:30 pm)

2 Methi Chapatis
1 Serving Black Dal
1 Serving Chana dry curry
2 Servings Curd
1.5 Servings of batter-strifried american corn

SNACKS (at around 5 pm)

2 small Veg Puffs

DINNER (at around 8 pm)

1.5 cups Veg Biryani
1.5 cups Peas Dry
1 teaspoon pickle

well on the exercise front not much today just walking to college and back and I guess that’s going to be the only thing I do most days so pretty much must get used to it,
hope to start using my cycle from tomorrow and was supposed to do the Two Hundred Situps programmes Week 2, Day 2, Level 3 but was studying for exams and helped a friend install win 7 so got busy.. hopefully tomorrow after the exam..

wish me luck…

new music tomorrow too..


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