A new experience

Well i decided to kick this blog off like this…

im going to try and make this blog about 2 things primarily…(

my daily quest to lost weight and tone up and secondly my love for music…

its going to be about the new musicians i find or hear for the first time… they might have been there for a while they might have just been released or still in production… i dont really know or care all it will be about will be music i havent heard before or even forgotten about and my views about that…

the weight loss section im still woking on how i should present it.. may be if i can be that dedicated i will make a log of everything i eat… apologies for only words here no visuals because the cam on my phone sux and my digicam isn’t functional… so for now u guys will have to do with just word…. will also post about the physical activity i do everyday however small it may seem for every tiny bit helps i guess…

so lets see how stuff goes..

heres todays favourite song at the top of the blog…


PS: make that 3 main things…
how could i forget my first love GOOD FOOD!!!
when ever i cook or eat or just experience good food it will be mentioned..
god save the diet…


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