Weight Loss Log: Stress killed my Diet


1 Cup Seviyan

1 Cup Coffee


2 Rotis

1 Cup Rajma Dal

2 Cups Paneer Do Pyaza

2 Cups Curd


Those 2 bags of crisps i was telling u about well guess where they went…. 😛


Well stress really killed my diet today, with me having

4 Small Papads
2 Cups Rice
1.5 Cups Peas Masala

The Next Day


1 Vada


2 Samosas


6 Slices Of Pizza

I’m embarrassed that 1) I didnt update the blog as promised and 2) That I broke my diet so badly in 2 days but i guess stress does that to a person so its okay i just have to move on….

More detailed posts to come soon

Weight Loss Log

Weight Loss Log: Day 2 (Couldnt come up with any thing better)

Well heres todays meals eaten as promised…


It was skipped due to exams, as a matter of habit I avoid eating on the till the exam on the day I have an exam as i have noticed that the tension due to exams makes me quite queamish and makes the food feel like it may rise the other way around, hence it gets avoided.


This was just after the exam which hadn’t gone as bad as expected..around 5:30 in the evening

I had

1 Serving Chinese Bhel
1 Schezwan Malsala Dosa


For dinner I had enough to satiate me but not enough to make me feel full or sleepy…

2 Rotis
1.5 Servings Veg Kofta
1 Serving Potato Subzi (Don’t really know which one but it wasnt oily atleast)
1 Serving Curd
1 Serving Dal
1 Serving Fried Rice

That was it for lunch and in the way of exercise the only exercise I had today was walking back from college after the exam (1.2 Km) and walking to the Mess for food and back (1Km total)
Didn’t take the bipedal route in the morning as I was getting late…
falling behind on my situps but today after a 4 hr exam where one has to stoop over a drawing board the energy just wasn’t there…

for now I have 2 packs of crisps in my room (120 Gms each), and most probably a coffee too…

Not sure when i will consume them.. as and when I do I will update it promise…


Music For The Day: Halfway Gone By Lifehouse

Lifehouse Smoke And Mirrors Album Cover

Lifehouse Smoke And Mirrors Album Cover

Well this is my music post for today or should i say the first one for today… yes i know that leaves a lot of scope for multiple ones later on in the day and thats exactly what i hope to achieve.. some days might be busier than others so i might not get time but some might have so much music that I just need to share it all with you guys..

Todays Song is one I just heard a few minutes back its called Halway Gone By Lifehouse and its exactly the kind of music i love, peppy upbeat and very lively and positive…

perfect morning music for me I guess…

It’s from a new album released by Lifehouse a few days back called Smoke and mirrors still getting through the whole album so will report back with that soon, maybe even another track from the album if i like it a lot…

Heres to hopefully finding more music I love today 🙂

Weight Loss Log

Weight Loss Log:The very first one

As promised this is my first day writing about my food consumption and subsequent calorie burning

so here it is

LUNCH (At around 1:30 pm)

2 Methi Chapatis
1 Serving Black Dal
1 Serving Chana dry curry
2 Servings Curd
1.5 Servings of batter-strifried american corn

SNACKS (at around 5 pm)

2 small Veg Puffs

DINNER (at around 8 pm)

1.5 cups Veg Biryani
1.5 cups Peas Dry
1 teaspoon pickle

well on the exercise front not much today just walking to college and back and I guess that’s going to be the only thing I do most days so pretty much must get used to it,
hope to start using my cycle from tomorrow and was supposed to do the Two Hundred Situps programmes Week 2, Day 2, Level 3 but was studying for exams and helped a friend install win 7 so got busy.. hopefully tomorrow after the exam..

wish me luck…

new music tomorrow too..


A new experience

Well i decided to kick this blog off like this…

im going to try and make this blog about 2 things primarily…(

my daily quest to lost weight and tone up and secondly my love for music…

its going to be about the new musicians i find or hear for the first time… they might have been there for a while they might have just been released or still in production… i dont really know or care all it will be about will be music i havent heard before or even forgotten about and my views about that…

the weight loss section im still woking on how i should present it.. may be if i can be that dedicated i will make a log of everything i eat… apologies for only words here no visuals because the cam on my phone sux and my digicam isn’t functional… so for now u guys will have to do with just word…. will also post about the physical activity i do everyday however small it may seem for every tiny bit helps i guess…

so lets see how stuff goes..

heres todays favourite song at the top of the blog…


PS: make that 3 main things…
how could i forget my first love GOOD FOOD!!!
when ever i cook or eat or just experience good food it will be mentioned..
god save the diet…


7/4/2010- Finally an anonymous blog

This guys i have decided is going to be my completely anonymous blog… and on top pf that its going to be a secret even from my friends… cause i want it to just be a place for self expression for my self… a place where no one knows me and no ones can recognize me and anonymously i can rant i can shout i can scream LAH DI DAH if i want and know one will come to know so no body will get harmed too…