Through the looking glass : HTC 2014

2013 has been a mixed bag for HTC for sure. What started off as a good year with major praise and acclaim for the One,  a mega partnership with one of the biggest celebrities out there,  a renewed focus on marketing as platitudes came along with their first ever loss, major design professionals leaving, shifting bases back to Taiwan as the other side of the coin.

Lets look forward though… Here is my through the looking glass vision for the company in 2014 based on what I as an Indian Customer would like to see, I hope a lot of you International Customers will chime in with some comments 🙂


Wearables – What’s the criteria they need to fulfill?


Let’s let that name linger on everyone’s mind for a while.
Isn’t it an apt one for the technology which aims to fulfill two goals; first being worn all the time and secondly to be your interface to your tech world only when you need it and then to meld away. 

That’s the ultimate aim of all the things coming out from the vast number of players big and small in this rapidly crowded space. 

Rapidly crowded is no understatement, with almost everyone from Apple and Samsung (which actually launched one) to pebble, I’m watch and numerous others working on a smart watch which has or will soon release. The fitness tracker space is even more crowded with Nike, jawbone and many others invading that space. 

Almost all of these companies have delivered a Generation One product and some have already delivered or announced a second generation one too. 

Despite all this there is not one I would recommend to a normal person in India. One part of this is due to the brutal beating the rupee has taken which make this much more expensive to us Indians compared to the pinch the American brethren feel while picking on of these up but that’s a divergent point for another time. The other one is that none of these address all my key areas which are important to me. Maybe I’m looking for a Fantasy watch or maybe someone is already building one. But if they aren’t here is what I look for in my wearable in order of importance. 

1)Battery Life : Okay there is no way I can emphasize this enough. If you want a chance in hell to live on my wrist day in and day out you bloody well better last for a week at the bare minimum. 
My watch lasts for over six months and your looking to replace that in my life so this one is a bare minimum feel free to prove me wrong multiple times over. Doing this would obviously use low power bluetooth but the tech world comes up with such amazing tech you never know

2)Dust and Water resistant (proof would be better) : I live in a country which is gifted with plentiful rain fall for nearly 5 months every year and which in the other 7 months is a dustbowl at times, not to mention the wrist is an extremely sweaty place due to which the wearable will have to be tested in the most aggressive conditions if it really wants a chance of surviving here and earn a place on my wrist.

3) Sensory overload : I’m a demanding customer and I want you to throw everything and the kitchen sink at me when it comes to sensors you pack in. Give me an accelerometer, a gyroscope, infrared sensors to measure my heart beat and pulse, an altimeter and GPS, plus whatever else you possibly can so that no matter what I do I know my wearable is making a note or observations and will be able to give me some amazing insight into it.

4) Clean UI : I totally appreciate that people are trying to make the wearables that can do an amazing number of things but lets remember people you are trying to replace a device which for most people in the world needs only a twist of the hand to serve its primary purpose it’s a well entrained mental habit and will remain even when people switch to wearables so atleast make it nice to look at,

5) Intuitive controls : expanding on the above point of people being completely muscle trained for a simple watch at this point,  it’s going to be paramount to make sure controls and voice controls are as intuitive,  make it too difficult and remember that unstrapping you is as simple as going back to the humble watch

6) Software and companion apps : Make your desktop, tablet and mobile apps as amazing as possible and ready to capture and make sense of all the incredible amounts of my personal life you will know about.

If a company manages to nail all of these then it’s got my firm vote ( for however little it counts)  as the one to get… And I’m a dramatic fan to will shout it from the roof tops till I’m hoarse.

Think your list of priorities is a little bit different? Sound off in the comments and put me in my place 😉


It’s a baby girl!

Read it… thats all I say… and for gods sake teach you sons to be men and not horny assholes

The Espresso Addict

She was 27, and at home.

She stood in front of the mirror, naked. She looked at her breasts. This was the biggest they had ever been. But she knew that they were going to get bigger. She stared at herself for a long while before she ran her right hand across the entire area of her belly, from just above her abdomen, all the way down to its lower end. It looked bloated and the bump had begun to show through her clothes now. She was five months pregnant, and had just received her scans from her gynecologist. She had dreaded this moment would come right from when she turned into a teenager. And 15 years later, she still wasn’t prepared for it.

“You are going to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. You just have to keep eating healthy, and get good sleep and sufficient exercise, just like…

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What is culture?

This is a question which believe it or not plagues me quite a bit.

What is culture? How do we define something which in my opinion is ever changing?

Is it something which draws so heavily from the past that it replaces or present and restricts our future or is it something which makes us forget our past and just forge on.

Or is it a delicate balance the essence of which is continuously changing as we grow older?

I’m in the camp which believes that is somewhere in the middle of all this.

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Otterbox Commuter Case for the HTC One – Thoughts

Well you know I always judge a case by how well it stands up to the test of time, so thats why I’m not going to call this a review, just a few thoughts.

Before I jump into my impressions though a heads up on why I went for this one in particular is important. For anyone who has ever traveled in a bombay local the answer will be clear. Great protection from bumps and falls was my main priority, not keeping scratches away though that is important, however having dropped a bomb on the phone and combining the hazard of the local train I went through multiple reviews and decided on this one.

So coming to the case. Well I messed up and couldnt put on the screen protector as my do-it-yourself skill failed me badly, though it seemed to be well cut and shaped so it would have fit properly ( Should have waited for a professional aargh)

The cover it self comes in two pieces, a silicone shell which the phone fits into and a then a hard shell case which fits on top of that to make it even more impact resistant. It adds a lot of bulk to the phone in terms of weight and thickness so if your looking for something which allows people to go wow at the design of the phone look elsewhere, many of my friends who saw it for the first time with the cover on actually went “meh” believe me this is not the cover to impress people with, it is strictly utilitarian, when I took it off though the reaction was amazing though, so something to raise the wow factor I guess 😛

(Will add a few photo’s soon 🙂 )

The cover comes with tabs which cover the micro USB port and Headphone jack and seems to be made or really good quality material which should stand up to the test of time well, without becoming loose or flimsy.

The only quibble I have is that the cover is super duper hard to get off and on, so I really can’t just pop it off to show off now and then, but then that’s the price to pay for this kind of impact protection I guess.

Solid tip would be to order it from http://otterbox.asia if you live here, its pretty cheap to ship and is an all inclusive shipping price.

If you have any questions about it feel free to drop a comment I will try my best to answer them 😀

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What I Want in Sense 5.1 and future editions

Well I have been using my gorgeous HTC One for almost a week now and let me say I am massively impressed with just about everything.

From the super smooth almost buttery performance to the great music player with those amazingly clear stereo speakers its a phone that truly raises the bar in a lot of ways.

However as I have discovered in my life long obsession with mobile devices there are always things to improve.

Im going to deal with the software aspects of it cause well there is no way for them to change the hardware now is it 😛

1) The Music player should have the ability to pull lyrics from other sources cause Gracenote’s selection is just too limited, having used used tunewiki on spotify I think that would be a perfect place to start.

2) The notes application while already amazing for having Evernote baked in, needs a widget or at least an awesome shortcut

3) Way for Power Saver mode to automatically activate when the battery falls below a certain percentage, leaving it up to the user is just too unpredictable. Obviously there should be a option to disable it too.

4) Blinkfeed needs to have way way way more sources to become truly accepted. I know this one is a really tough one but I’m sure if they work with someone like News 360 they can pull it off.

5) India on their TV App regions, I mean come one HTC we are a 1 billion strong nation who adore out TV series don’t exclude us! Just give us a chance to show you our love.

6) This one is a universal worry for me specifically but it would be great if HTC could address it. – Make contacts easy to manage, tying in all the services is great and also offering the linking solution so that the address book is a little bit more streamlined but it doest solve the main problem that the details are still all over the place. Make it super easy to cohesively collect all the info in one place and keep all that collected info backed up.

7) Dash Clock integration please HTC, I’m waiting for this one for sure. I already love the existing Lock Screen options HTC please make them even more powerful with Dash Clock integrated right into your default ROM.

Well for now this is about it. I do finally have a weekend coming up so will be able to test it out fully and hopefully update this with even more things I want to see. Lets hope some of the Software designers get a hold of this little list in the meanwhile 😉

P.S. If you want to add anything please leave a comment, will make me discover my phone better.


Initial Thoughts on the HTC One

This is just going to be a random set of sentences flying out cause that exactly how they came

1) ooohhhhh awesome!!!! Finally a new phone

2) Lets get everything on there stat

3) Yay I have swiftkey purchased from before

4) I love the way this feels in the hand just so incredibly solid

5) Must check out the camera… and coming from the BB whoaaaaaaa this is awesome

6) Opens gallery and sees moving pictures

7) Okay that is a lot of accounts I have set up… my data plan is going to fly by like a jet plane

8) Shit my contacts are so messed up this is going to kill me to fix

9) Oooooh look at how awesome the speakers sound and the cool pseudo music video it makes

10) Loving the phone so far

11) why do 4 different things want to do stuff to my photos when I take them? the perils of beinga try-every-internet-service-which-is-out-there person I guess

12) Okay awesome that it has Evernote built right in… but funny then that no widget for it exists.

13) sleepy time now….

14) In the middle of the night…. PING!!!! OMFG this thing is loud… put it on silent mode…

15) Loudness much appreciated in the morning as an alarm

16) FM Radio sweet….

17) Gracenote is a bit broken I wish they make it super awesome.. whats the point of having soundhound built in if it cant fix the metadata?? :-\

18) Okay… this thing get a little hot…

19) Bummed there is no FIFA 13 on this thing yet…

20) Okay loving the way im able to jump between stuff

21) Lets just spend 15 mins staring at the loviliness of the screen

22) On my way to work time… okay its a little bit big for me but still loving the way it just sits in the hand

More still to come


Lets Go

Let’s go dancing under the moonlight cause when the stars come out I want to be holding you in my arms, swaying to the beat of our hearts and the music as one, listening to the strains of cosmic music while looking ahead, beyond the horizon, the goggles of experience firmly in place…. Let’s go jumping of the highest bridge while the sun rises up, feel the beats of our heart against the chest in time with the howl of the wind whooshing past, let’s look to let ourselves go while knowing that its our past which is the bungee cord to keep us safe…. Let’s go swimming in the deepest oceans, feel the beats of our heart become one with the murmurs of the fishes, let’s look to immerse our selves completely with our friends and family the oxygen to keep us safe…. Let’s go…..


True Friends-simply defined

True friendship isn’t measured by the things ur friends will do with you but the ones they won’t and will still be by your side when its over…it acts like the sandpaper to the rough edges of life while being the balm to sooth its passage … Allowing the highs to be more ecstatic than they were ever meant to be while being the soft cushion which saves you from the hard floor of rock bottom while still letting u smell the crap lying there… They know how to cut you down when ur head is too big for its own good but will be your backbone when the weight of the world is too much for your own… True friendships are those which last just because they were meant to be nothing more complex can exist but at the same time nothing simpler too… They will mock u in private and defend u in public… The best men and the pall bearers all wrapped into one… They will push u and pull u all at the same time but will be there for you….celebrate the creases and the inconsistencies cause that’s what makes them what they are true friends till the very end 😀